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My Top Tips For Getting Enough Beauty Sleep*

I don’t know about you, but I need my beauty sleep. Without a good night’s sleep, I really do struggle to function. We’ve all been there; it’s 2 am and for some reason, no matter what we do, we just can’t seem to drift off. (It’s always the day before something important as well, which only makes matters worse.)

Every night, millions of us Brits struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Either finding it hard to drift off or tossing and turning throughout the night. As well as being tired the next day, when you can’t sleep, you’re also putting your body at risk of some serious health problems. These include high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression – all pretty scary stuff.

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t impossible, it might just take a few changes, that’s all. Keep reading to see all the things that you can try to help boost the amount of sleep you’re getting.

Practice relaxation techniques

Sometimes, the reason that you struggle to drift off is because your mind is too active. What you need to do is put yourself into a relaxed state before getting into bed, so that you fall asleep more easily.

Practice yoga. Meditative exercise, like yoga, is a fantastic way to slow your mind down, helping you to relax. Before going to bed, practice a couple of restorative yoga poses and calm your mind.

Deep breathe. Another simple way to relax your mind before bed is with deep breathing. The reason that counting sheep is such a popular solution to sleep problems is because it calms the mind by changing what you’re thinking about. And deep breathing works, in the same way, so is just as effective.


Make your bed super comfy

Often, the reason for insomnia is as simple as your bed being uncomfortable. To get a good night’s sleep, our bodies need to be in a state of rest. To be in that restorative state, we need to be comfortable.

If our beds aren’t comfortable – the mattress is too soft or springy, we simply won’t sleep. That’s why, it’s so important that if you want a good night’s sleep, that you ensure that your bed is as comfortable as possible. As well as some new bedding, including a feather duvet and pillows, and some new sheets.

Take a bubble bath before bed

If you’re feeling wired before bed, it’s important that you find a way to soothe your mind. A fantastic way to do this is by running yourself a relaxing bubble bath, complete with your favourite scented candles. For relaxing, lavender, vanilla and rose candles are ideal.

Relax in the bath with some calming music and a good book, and you’ll soon start to unwind. Steer clear of technology, as tablets, phones, and even Kindles, can make your mind more active. When it comes to bedtime, electronic devices of any kind should be banned.

While sometimes getting a good night’s sleep can seem impossible if you learn to relax your mind, it’s not. Practice yoga and other restorative meditation, take a bubble bath, and make your bed super comfy, and you’re sure to sleep well.

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  1. Flora says:

    Hello Haydy 🙂

    Well this is weird – SO many things in common here! I just searched ‘sleep’ on bloglovin (I’ve just finished writing a post on how to get to sleep because I’ve been literally learning how after many a bad night…) and I wanted to see what kind of photos people were using for their posts (I need some inspiration! Or just more daylight so I can take a decent bedroom photo!) Anyway, I clicked on your post because the picture you’ve used here is GORGEOUS! Is that your bedroom? I love it! Such a cool style, and it’s just the way my boyfriend and I would decorate our bedroom! Other cool random thing is that your nickname is so similar to our blog name, and we also seem to have a blog layout designed by the same guy (though perhaps not so unusual…he’s doing well!).

    I really liked this post, and I”m glad to have found your blog!


    • SquibbVicious says:

      Heya 🙂

      Thanks for your lovely comment!

      That is indeed our bedroom, took us a while to find something we liked but we do all our DIY ourselves, so mega glad that you like it!!

      pipdig layouts all they way, they’re just so clean! Love the look of your blog too!!

      Just followed you on Insta so I can keep track of your blog too 🙂


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