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Keeping Yourself Lean, Pampered and Sexy This Christmas

Have you been keeping fit through-out 2015? Held strong against the temptations of binge eating Big Macs on the sofa? If so, then congratulations, but don’t get celebrating just yet because the hardest part is coming. Over the festive season, the thought of letting loose after a hard year’s work reducing your waistline and getting healthy can be all too tempting, but this is a common trap that many people fall-into and often cannot escape, even with the strongest New Year’s resolution.

As such, it’s entirely up to you to discipline yourself over the Christmas period. Whilst I certainly don’t anyone depriving themselves of the treats they love, especially after making it through another year, the problem is that people go too far the sole reason of it being Christmas. This is most commonly by overeating and drinking, waiting up late for Santa to arrive, and generally not taking care of ourselves and our appearance because we’re off work or school. So what can we do to reign in this behaviour and keep ourselves relatively trim and buff for the festive season?


Count your Intake

If you’re really keen to keep on top of your calorie intake over Christmas, you’ll need to start keeping track of what you’re eating. This also includes booze, which can pack a mighty amount of calories into each can or bottle, and considering the average amount a person makes it through over the course of Christmas, that’s a whole extra Christmas dinner calorie wise. If you’re worries about self-control, you should limit your Christmas feasting to the day itself, as most people spread the meal over a few days through creative sandwich skills and general picking. Stay strong, say no, and stick to your regular intake come boxing day.

I’ve written about fitness on many occasions, and one thing I know for sure is that keeping a balanced diet and fitness regime over Christmas (and beyond) should never involve depriving yourself of the thing you enjoy. Having discipline is very important but if you can’t cut loose sometimes, perhaps with some chocolate-studded biscuits or a mountain of Yorkshire puddings, you’re destined to fail.

Do Some Light Exercise (or more)

You might not be walking in a winter wonderland, but taking a stroll is best form of exercise for a cold wintery afternoon. This is especially true if you’ve just quaffed a sizable Christmas dinner and you’re feeling the strain; a walk can help you digest the mush a bit easier and overcome various food related ailments such as heartburn and indigestion.

Many people can’t even muster a walk during, let alone any other form of exercise. However, you’ll find gyms arte typically open through-out the season, barring Christmas day, so if you wanted to do a big of heavier exercise you’d be more than capable. Even if the gym is closed, you can indulge in a short-brisk run or cycle around the block; not only does this ensure we get a bit of exercise, but also that we keep up our routines and avoid slipping into bad habits. This is why exercising, even only a little, over Christmas is so important, and saying no is far too easy and eventually will become your mind-set to the detriment of everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Pamper yourself

The Christmas period can be stressful, but there are plenty of other factors which can contribute to you not quite feeling like yourself. Take into account the cold winter weather; prolonged cold weather like this can be one of the biggest wears on skin vitality and elasticity, as well as age the skin. Therefore, it is well worth investing in protective moisturiser to keep your skin feeling fresh, as well as anti ageing creams for men and women. Remember, these pampering options are not only protective but also very enjoyable for all involved, with a soothing and healing sensation that is also very relaxing and sedative.

There’s also a chance you’ve been on your feet all December, rushing around trying to find the right presents, food, decorations and such. If so, getting off your feet should be an important part of pampering yourself this Christmas. Take it a step further with some serious massage therapy, as nothing helps the aches and pains go away like a deep tissue massage. Whether you seek the help of a professional or invest in a mobile massager this Christmas is entirely up to you, just ensure you give your aching joints and muscles the appropriate attention.

Thanks for Reading

A hearty combination of all three categories above will keep you looking and feeling lush this festive season. Ultimately, do whatever makes you happy this Christmas, but always keep your fitness and health in mind so you’re always ready to pick up where you left off.

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