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Learn New Things While On Holiday With These Simple Tips

Going on holiday often means taking a break from the office and recharging your batteries on a beach or by a pool. But these kinds of relaxing breaks are not for everyone, with some of us only needing a day or so before feeling refreshed. So how do you spend the rest of your holiday if you’re bored of lounging around? Why not use this opportunity to get educated and develop your skills. Read these tips to find out how you can learn even while you’re on holiday.

Talk to the locals

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world; the local people will always have more knowledge of their country than any guidebook. This wealth of knowledge and insight should be something that you utilise during your trip. Don’t feel embarrassed about talking to them and asking them questions about their home. Questions such as what is the solar maximum or what is the history of this building are ones they will enjoy answering for you. Plus you will probably learn more as a result. Even asking them about good local places to visit or things to try out will be worth doing. If you appear interested, they will be more inclined to help you and invite you to get involved in their daily tasks, games and celebrations. You may learn new skills in woodwork or fishing for example, and you might even make some new friends too.

Volunteer at a school

Some countries are desperate for volunteer teachers who can speak fluent English. Being able to speak English will improve the prospects of children and students in the poorest parts of the world. So volunteering while you are on holiday and teaching them how to write and pronounce words will be making a huge impact on their futures. It’s unlikely you will be able just to walk into a school and start teaching, so research volunteering programs in the country you are visiting. Even just a couple of days out of your holiday will make a difference and you’ll feel uplifted even without being paid. You may enjoy it that much that you come back and do it again each year.

Visit a historic landmark


To get a real feeling for the country and area you are staying in, you need to visit a historic landmark. This could be a cathedral, ruins or a museum. Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam is an excellent example. As it’s a location of significant importance and includes a wealth of information about the World War II period. These historical sites can often be seen by tour groups which include an informative guide. They can expand your knowledge by providing you with interesting facts. You will learn more about how the area has developed and of any trials they have had to endure throughout history. Not only will it make a fun day out, it will also make you feel more connected to the place you are staying in.

These tips should have inspired you to spend your holiday learning rather than lounging. Just remember not to cram too much into each day. You do need some down time afterall.

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