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The Best Places to Visit for Wildlife Lovers

So, you’re looking for the next place to visit, but you’re not sure where to head to. Here are some great ideas to consider if you’re someone who loves animals and wildlife.

Dominican Republic

One of the best places to head to if you want to do some whale watching is the Dominican Republic. Of course, you have to leave the shores to actually see the whales. The best spot off the coast is Silver Bank, an area in the Atlantic Ocean. This is to the north of the island, and there are tours that will take you there. This is nothing like seeing the size and majesty of a whale in its natural environment. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch a glimpse to more than one of them.


Borneo is famous for its Bornean orangutan projects. These are places that people from all over the world go to help look after the orangutans that live there. It’s one of the most incredible experiences you’ll ever have. And if you love animals, it’s something that you’ll definitely never forget. It’s not necessarily easy though. You will be expected to do some work and help the orangutans in every way you can. That doesn’t mean it’s not also very rewarding though.


Ontario is a northern province of Canada, and there you have some very harsh environments. The thick snow in many areas means that sled dogs are used to get from place to place at speed. This is a lot of fun for tourists to try out, and especially if you’re a dog lover. You can spend your trip in a lodge in the wintry surroundings and have an authentic experience. This means no modern transportation, only the sled dogs that you will come to rely on after a while. It’s a great experience so give it a try.


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If you find yourself in Norway, you simply have to take the Polar Pioneer cruise in the Arctic region of the country. It’s to the north, and it’s incredibly cold. You’ll see seals and birds, but the biggest attraction is, of course, the polar bears that hunt those other animals. There are not many ways in which you can see these incredible animals in their natural environment. So, this is a chance that you can’t afford to pass up on. If you ask me, no one should leave Norway without at first doing this cruise.


The reason to go to Ecuador is because you can take a tour around the coast of the Galapagos Islands. This island is home to one of the most diverse and interesting natural ecosystems on the planet. You’ll see so many different animals on the tour. There are seals, giant tortoises and many different species of exotic birds. It’s the kind of experience that you’ll never forget. Choose a tour that has an expert guide to explain what you’re looking at. This makes the tour more interesting and informative.

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