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5 Great Items Every Kitchen Needs

There are some items that no cook should be without. These are the items that are most useful and save the most time. So, make sure you populate your kitchen with them if you haven’t already.

A Slow Cooker

If you’re a lazy chef, there’s no better tool than the slow cooker. Slow cookers allow you to throw in some ingredients and then sit back while it does all the work. It takes many hours for the food to get cooked. But this allows you to go out or go to work while the food cooks. And then, when you get back home, the meal will be ready for you and your family to enjoy.

An Instant Read Thermometer

When you’re cooking meat, it’s easy to get it wrong. But, as any meat lover will know, even getting it slightly wrong can completely ruin a good piece of meat. It helps to make sure that the meat is safely cooked. Many people end up overcooking their meat when they are trying to make sure it’s safe to eat. But this is not necessary if you have an instant read thermometer that can make sure that the meat is at the exact temperature it should be. They’re cheap to buy but very useful.


A Good Blender

If you don’t have a great blender, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. There are so many things that they can do. You will be able to make smoothies and all kinds of interesting recipes that you couldn’t make before. But, if you ask me, the best thing about it all is that you can use it as a grater. The best ones have multiple purposes. And that takes a lot of the work out of cooking. The Blendtec Classic 475 (decent review here) is one of the best on the market, so see if it appeals to you.

A Varied Set of Knives

Knives are essential for anyone who cooks from scratch. But if you want to get it right, you need to have a varied set of knives. Not enough people realise that there are so many different knives that should be used for specific tasks. There are knives for cutting meat, bread, vegetables, cheese. For pretty much every food you could want to slice or cut, there is a knife that you should be using. Buy one of those big selections of knives that give you everything you need. You can then display it in your kitchen so you can access the one you need easily.


Measuring Spoons

Measuring tools are something everyone uses when they are trying to follow a recipe. Many of us take them for granted. As anyone who doesn’t own them knows, the whole cooking process can be pretty strenuous when you have to weigh out everything you use with scales. So, make sure you invest in some cheap measuring cups and spoons. It will instantly make your cooking a lot easier. And they’re so cheap and easy to buy as well, so you have no excuse for not getting some.

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