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What Kind of Holiday Maker are You?

When it comes to going on holiday we all look for certain things to tick certain boxes, for me I’m all about winter weekend trips, filled with good food and culture, but for a lot of people it’s sun and sand!

I have a very long list, probably as long as I am, of cities I want to visit, and amazing places within those cities that need to be marked off when I’m there! I’ve even gone so far as creating a Pinterest board of all these stunning places!

I have a top three; Bruges, Dubrovnik and Reykjavik. Bruges came to be part of my list after watching ‘From Bruges With Love’ Dubrovnik after my parents bloody loving it, and Reykjavik, as who doesn’t want to experience the Northern Lights?!

The ever lovely Croatian Tourist Board have recently put together a quiz to see which parts of Croatia would most appeal to you based upon your holiday making style so I obviously took it! Without much surprise I was matched to Dubrovnik, and to Zagreb as I’m a bit of a culture vulture!


You are a passionate art, culture and history lover. Your family and friends look to you for information, because when you’re on vacation you work through a list of sights, monuments, and museums until you know everything about the local culture.

Be inspired by Dubrovnik‘s medieval charm, Mediterranean flair and unique cultural offers, such as architectural treasures, museums, churches and cathedrals, theatres and cultural events. Tip: Enjoy history and culture during a walk through the old town which joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979.

Culturally, Zagreb, capital of the Republic of Croatia, is a European city well worth visiting, with its numerous historical monuments and medieval architecture. Its favourable positioning in the Pannonian Basin gives the city instant access to Central Europe and the Adriatic coast. Maybe that’s why, for many years, it has remained the economic gateway connecting Central and Western Europe via the Adriatic Sea.

I have to say they both sound right up my street! You can take the quiz here to see where you fit in best; beach or city!

After conducting a study of 11,000 people The Croatian National Tourist Board have created this infographic to see what really matters most when travelling abroad…


I, personally, need to feel safe, but must have good company, great culture and feeling like one of the locals!

What do you look for in a holiday? Is Croatia on your wishlist?

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