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What To Do When Your Eyelashes Refuse To Grow

Eyelashes aren’t something that many of us think about when it comes to facial beauty, but they should be. Thick, full and long eyelashes instantly give our eyes a beauty boost, making them appear larger. And yet, many of us give our lashes very little attention. Apart from when we’re applying our daily dose of mascara, that is.

Think how much love we give our skin. We spend hours cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturising it, so why don’t we give our lashes the same care? For most of us, the only time that we start taking better care of our eyelashes is when we notice that for some reason, they’re no longer growing properly. Maybe all of a sudden they’re much shorter than before? Or perhaps they have become much thinner?

Want healthier, happier eyelashes? For everything that you need to know to take care of them and encourage them to grow, keep reading:


Trim and comb your lashes

Okay, this might sound a little counter-productive, but hear me out. You know how if you want your hair to grow, your hairdresser suggests having your hair regularly trimmed? Well, the same rule applies to your lashes, if you want them to grow more quickly, you need to trim them.

If you want your lashes to be as strong as possible, it’s important to comb them. You can buy a special lash comb, or you can clean an old mascara brush and use that instead. By combing your lashes, you can keep them strong and can prevent them from breaking off.

Boost their growth

To help give your lashes a growth boost, there are plenty of things that you can do. There are lots of home remedies that are meant to help your lashes to grow more quickly. For example olive and castor oil, petroleum jelly, and lash serum are all meant to help. Applying these substances to your lashes, also acts as a leave in moisturiser, helping to soften and condition them.

While natural remedies can work well if your lashes are growing really slowly, there are some other treatments that you can try. For instance, many doctors recommend the Latisse 3cc treatment for helping to boost eyelash growth and health. There are also many other treatments available; your doctor will prescribe the one that is most suitable.

Be gentle

The hair follicles from which your eyelashes grow are super sensitive, so it’s important to be extra gentle with them. When we’re taking off our eye makeup, many of us scrub our eyes, which can cause damage to our lashes. Instead, when removing makeup, it’s best to gently wipe over the eye in one smooth motion. This helps to prevent any damage being caused to your lashes and helps to keep them healthy.

For healthier, happier lashes, take note of the tips above. Be gentle with them, comb them regularly, and most importantly, nourish them. Do these things, and your lashes will look and feel a lot healthier and happier, and will be thicker and longer.

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