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Loom: Are They the Best Hiking Shoes for Women? *

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Besides being comfortable, hiking shoes for women also need to be durable. Otherwise, bad weather can ruin your adventure, and you may experience numerous issues with your feet.

One of the best hiking shoes for women is Loom. These sneakers are made of high-quality materials to propel your runs in any weather. Let’s see what makes them so versatile.

Engineered Comfort

Loom are often considered the best hiking shoes for women due to their advanced cushioning system. It comprises a four-stretch interior that follows the natural shape of your foot, reducing the risk of tendon issues, cramps, and aches.

You also get an advanced Excelcast sole that increases energy return. Designed by podiatrists, it transfers the energy from one step to the next to boost your hiking.

On top of that, they feature the increasingly popular slip-on design. Putting Loom on and taking them off is easy since there’s no need to lace the shoes.

Loom Shoes Go Easy on Your Feet

Another great thing about Loom is that they’re lightweight. Unlike cumbersome sneakers, they’re highly breathable to give you a seamless hiking experience.

Furthermore, these lightweight hiking shoes can help improve your performance. As there’s less weight on your feet, you need less energy to run.

Keeping Water at Bay

Many runners tout Loom as the best hiking shoes for women because they’re waterproof. They come with an impermeable four-layer mesh and a robust H2Go layer that prevents water intrusion without reducing airflow. The slip-on seal is another defence mechanism against moisture, hugging your ankle firmly.

Hence, you can hike in the rain or shallow puddles without soaking your feet. This helps prevent several problems, such as blisters.

Temperature Regulation

Loom sneakers are made of Merino wool, one of the most versatile fabrics on the planet. It’s an effective thermoregulator and a vegan-friendly option.

On scorching days, it transfers heat away from your feet to lower the temperature, making Loom excellent summer hiking shoes. When it’s cold, the material retains heat and circulates it to keep your feet warm.

Antimicrobial Properties

Smelly and damp shoes are a huge nuisance. They make your feet more susceptible to athlete’s foot and many other conditions.

Luckily, ladies won’t face this issue with Loom shoes. They boast powerful moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to eliminate odour-causing bacteria. Your feet will remain fresh even after extended hiking sessions.

Elegant Look and Low-Maintenance

Apart from increasing your performance on the trail, Loom sneakers also look great. Both the black and white models match various garments, such as jeans and tracksuits.

Moreover, cleaning Loom is simple – all you need is water to remove dirt and mud. You won’t need to worry about compromising their exterior since it’s waterproof.

Loom May Very Well be the Best Hiking Shoes for Women

These waterproof hiking shoes for women have a lot to offer. They’re breathable and lightweight to make your runs smoother. There’s also a Merino wool interior and waterproof exterior to power your workouts in any weather. To top it all off, they’re stylish and easy to clean.

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