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Contacts Vs Glasses *

As you all know I’ve recently had laser eye surgery to get rid of my glasses after wearing them for a huger chunk of my life, but whilst wearing them the chap and I used to always find ourselves battling out between my glasses, his contact lenses and what was best!I have to say with this terrible windy weather I’ve missed having my glasses to protect my eyes from all the grit that gets whipped around, and feeling the rain on my face was a rather weird sensation!

I have to say with this terrible windy weather I’ve missed having my glasses to protect my eyes from all the grit that gets whipped around, and feeling the rain on my face was a rather weird sensation, so they do have their uses! They’re also a lot cheaper than contact lenses but it does mean one big outlay when you purchase new ones!  Plus the thought of putting contact lenses really used to make me panic, I’m so bad at putting things near my eyes, and for me, glasses became part of my style.


But the chap loves the freedom of wearing contact lenses; he doesn’t get marks on his nose when he takes them off, and in this weather they don’t steam up when he goes into a warm place from outside, something my glasses frames always did! For him, not changing the appearance of his face works, as he’s not a fan of how he looks in his glasses…


I still rather fancy him! I do have a bit of a soft spot for guys in glasses so maybe I’m a little biased!

He also pointed out the contact lenses can help correct your vision whereas glasses can’t; a new little fact for me there! And for him, finding a glasses style was far more work than having contact lenses delivered to our door once a month, but I really enjoyed trying on loads of styles to see what suited me… obviously a girl thing! I’m the same with sunglasses too; I loved picking prescription ones just as much as I enjoyed picked non-prescription glasses last month!

SCLO have put together a list of pros and cons of contacts and glasses and we agree with so many of the points they bring up!


I This reminds me that I totally forgot to mention how annoying glasses are when doing sport; I actually ended up running the London Marathon without mine on and battling a huge headache (amongst blisters and plenty of aches) the day after as it was better than have them bob up and down when running!

Are you a firm lover of wearing glasses, or do you wear contacts? Maybe you dabble in both… do let me know!

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4 responses to “Contacts Vs Glasses *”

  1. Leonni Ward says:

    I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 14 because I couldn’t get used to wearing glasses at school when I first found out I was short-sighted! But I wear my glasses when I’m at home in the evening which give my eyes a rest! Glasses just seem to get in the way a lot like when I’m lying down you can’t lie on your side because they go wonky.. but glasses are becoming more fashionable now I think! 🙂 great post loved reading your views!! xx

  2. Leanne says:

    Can contacts really help fix your eyesight? I had no idea. Will have to start wearing mine more often. I hate both lol x

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