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Staying Fit Without A Gym Membership

I’m Katie, I like fitness, cake and a little too much nut butter. I’m a realistic person and in 2016 I stopped setting silly fitness/health goals and started being kinder to myself…

I understand that most people who take on a gym membership in January will stop using it and for various reasons, not always due to lack of motivation. For example; when the sun comes out it’s nice to run/walk/cycle outside, sometimes you get stuck at the office later than expected or life gets in the way.

This is why I feel that fitness at home is the ideal balance, of course, I wouldn’t ever expect the average person to fully fit out a gym at home and sometimes a ‘one day pass gym pass’ is the perfect solution.

When I ‘Quit The Gym’ my fitness improved, I had more time as I was not getting up and rushing to my car, faffing with parking, lockers and queues for the hair dryer. I also started to challenge myself with my workouts, researching new routines and by working out at home I could try out these new routines without the fear of being watched/judged.

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How to stay fit without a gym membership

Running: Most towns have a local running club which is not only motivating but safer during the darker months, plus they generally only require a modest joining fee.  I was fortunate that we had the space to accommodate a treadmill that was going spare, a lot of people buy these and stop using them. If you have the space, then check on Friday Ad’s, Ebay or the local paper as it can be a really worthwhile investment.

Cycling: If you are a keen cyclists the winter months won’t stop you; another option is a ‘Turbo Trainer’ which won’t take up a lot of room and mean’s you can use your existing bike. Failing that, as with treadmills, stationary bikes are easy to track second hand and cycling in front of your favourite TV program has got to be a better option surely?

Weight Training:  Kettlebell workouts are still seriously popular and with very good reason. If you are new to weights and on a budget, I spotted an 8kg Kettlebell in Aldi for less than £10.00. In my opinion this is fantastic as it’ll enable you to enjoy a full body workout without breaking the bank. Kettlebells are great because they are small enough to be popped in a cupboard and thankfully are so many workouts on YouTube and Pinterest it’s easy to keep your body guessing.

If you fancy a mini kettlebell workout, give this a try!

Free weights, barbells and weights benches are a great addition if you can accommodate a little more kit, these are more pricey but as ever, in the long run they can be cheaper than a gym membership.

Body Weight Training/HIIT: You are amazing, just as you are – without any fancy equipment! There are so many way’s to work up a sweat without any equipment: plants, jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, I could go on…

Should you find yourself short on time, then this 10 minute at home workout could be perfect for you.

Yoga: After a long hard day, change into something comfortable, make some space, grab a mat if you have one and unwind with yoga. There are so many beautiful videos for all abilities on YouTube or within moments you can create your own routine and enjoy your practice.

Fitness DVD’s: I do think there is a place for these; however with all of these DVD’s and online programs please keep the following in mind. The person marketing the product or the ‘real life’ examples shown could be people that have followed the plan for double or triple the recommended time. On the other hand, there are many honest reviews available to help you with your selection and I found the ’10 Minute Solutions’ series to be cost effective and to the point.

Workout Labs : For free printable workouts

Muscle Map : Great selection of pintables for each body part

Bodybuilding : Find a plan for free, follow workouts according to your goals

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  1. Alice Megan says:

    I don’t think I could do the whole ‘gym’ think I’m rubbish at exercising but I’ve just started doing a few videos at home and feel super comfortable about it so definitely wouldn’t waste money on a gym membership!

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