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Tips For The Budding Equestrian Blogger *

*This is a collaborative post.

If you have a passion for horses and want to talk about it- you might have considered blogging about it. Creating any online content has its challenges, but when you are on the go and involved in lots of outdoor activities, you need to be able to create while you are on the move.

If you want to go and write in the field, or by the track, you will need to know how to work on Google Docs offline. Making notes as things happen is important, so getting to grips with the best way of using the technology in ways that can make your job easier later is vital. 

You’ll probably want to get yourself a good laptop, and a decent camera. While phones have great cameras these days, if you want your photos to be admired by tens of thousands of people, you will want to invest in the best. 

There are some things that you should consider when buying any technology that you are going to take out and about with you. 

Keep It lightweight

If you’re going to carry it around places with you, and then get it out when you need to use it,  you’ll want it to be light. You don’t want to be breaking your back carrying a big heavy laptop bag. Think about everything being as easy to carry as possible. You may not always use it when you are out, but it’s handy to always have your laptop with you. 

Keep Is Compact

What you are looking for is the maximum screen size for your laptop, with the minimum overall size. Getting as much screen view for your money is the name of the game when it comes to buying the best small laptop. 

Make It Hard Wearing

Going out and about, you might find that your laptop takes a bit of a beating from time-to-time. Think about getting one that is rugged. If you drop it, and it breaks, you will be out of pocket- and no doubt be worrying about whether you have everything backed-up. 

Make It Water Resistant 

You might be sitting getting your thoughts out quickly, when all of a sudden you get a downpour, or a passing horse flicks water on you from a puddle. Whatever the cause, working outdoors does mean that you are out in the elements. Get a laptop that can stand up to them. 

Pick Your Apps 

Staring at a blank screen is very daunting to any blogger. Finding the subject is hard, even when you are passionate about it. Keeping a collection of possible angles for blog posts is an excellent idea as it allows you to have lots to fall back on. 

Use apps such as Google Keep to make notes as you go. You’ll always want to have lots of ideas that you can work on. When an idea jumps into your head, you’ll need to get it down. Using apps like Google Keep allow you to take notes wherever you are. 

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