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Perfect Couples Night In

We are constantly out and about, so when Carabella Gifts offered us the chance to review their Date Night box, we jumped at it!

Carabella Gifts  was born out of the endless hours lost in their lives trying to find gifts that feel personal for their loved ones, but at the same time finding a gift that would be useful and indulgent – isn’t that what a box of gifts should be about.  They wanted to give their customers some time back into their busy days by choosing gifts that they would love to receive themselves. They specialise in traditional Carabella gift boxes but they do also offer gift boxes with a contemporary twist.

So onto our box!

I love receiving parcels, and especially ones that are wrapped as well as this one…


Ok, I admit, I had opened the box and tried to re-tie the bow for this photo, I was so excited to open it!


The excitement to get into the box became too much and I tore away the final layer of wrapping…


The box contained the follow lovely items:


2 x wines in tubes
Château Saint Roch Côtes du Rhône 2012 French Red and Château de Taillan ‘La Dame Blanche’ Bordeaux Blanc 2012 White (100ml in each glass tube).


1 x Toffee Trilogy from the Grown up chocolate bar company

1 x Dark Chocolate Smoothie from the Grown up chocolate bar company


1 x 10ml Rose and Geranium pure essential body oil
A multi-purpose beauty wonder that promotes deep healing and sensuality (10ml).

1 x 15ml Lavender and Camomile pure essential bath oil
Soak away the day’s stresses in a therapeutic blend of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Camomile, Cedarwood and Vetivert.

So my first port of call, after a cup of tea, and a cheeky bar of the incredible choccy, was a bath with the Lavender and Camomile pure essential bath oil.


Of course, the rubber duck joined me!

I had a rather luscious bath, and came out with the softest skin I’ve had in a long while and whilst I was donning my pyjama’s I could hear the distinct noise of dinner being made in the kitchen by my lovely chap! We had decided on chicken fajitas for the night as it’s one of our favourites but super quick to whip up!

I obviously chipped in, as date night is about the both of us spending together and working as a team.

Once dinner was ready we cracked open the wines from within our box, him the red and myself the white, and drunk away!

We were so pleased with the contents of the box that we will certainly be having more date nights in with the left over oils, and extra choccy!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for female friends then I suggest the Presseco Gift Box, for bloggers The Stationary Kit, and for the men in your life The Grooming Kit!

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