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Finishing Touches! *

After lots of time spent decorating the flat, we are now down to finding the finishing touches to make it that little bit more homely.

That’s where I Want Fabric step in…

I’ve picked the 100% British Shetland Wool Fabric to make into a throw for the bedroom. The decor is teal with dark brown so the Kilmory Window Pane will really colour pop on the bed!


The light blue lines will match the colours of some artwork we have above the bed too! During summer months this could also double up as a picnic blanket as it won’t be needed on the bed!For the living room, I really want to cushion covers made up to replace the ones that the chap had before we decorated! I want to keep the turquoise theme we have running through into the kitchen so have chosen two fabrics as I’m not sure which one I want most; I will let the chap decide so he doesn’t feel left out!


This is the High Low Jumbo Cord in teal, and I’m loving the look of the corduroy as I’m all about textures!


I’ve chosen the slightly less textured Soft Plain Linen Look fabric in case the corduroy is too much! I know some people believe less is more!

And the last fabric I have chosen, on this visit to the site, would be for blinds in the second bedroom. We use our second bedroom as a studio; it’s filled with lighting, computers, cameras and tripods so we need a quality blind to keep the sunlight out at certain times. The walls are a very dark red with a light coloured carpet so I have chosen the Embossed Floral Damask Velvet as it’s quite heavy, and looks rather lush!


I’m a sucker for a good texture, and with the dark red walls I feel this could look very luxurious. If it’s not quite heavy enough we would purchase back out material to line this fabric to ensure our video shoots had the same lighting at all times.

How have you finished your rooms?

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