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My Bioscore Results…

As I don my new gym gear, a little treat to entice myself to go to the gym more, I realise my trousers are a little too tight, no shocks there but now I’m having to wear them to my gym session as I’m at work with nothing else.  I hop on the train to Fitness First Cottons, and I’m now feeling rather conscience; those bloody trousers are not staying up, and I’m sure they’re making me look chunkier than I already am!

I arrive at the gym, pop my bag in their HUGE lockers, and wander out to meet Anna; I make a joke about shopping online and the trousers so she knows why I’m pulling them up every few minutes! Anna explained how Bioscoring works and we began…

First up was my Metabolic test; this was my height to waist ratio, lung capacity and blood pressure. This was the bit I was dreading, I know my weight isn’t good for my height and I’m working on it, plus I certainly don’t breathe properly when I run so I didn’t have high hopes for my lungs! I honestly had no idea what to expect with my blood pressure but I knew I was rather nervous about the test which wasn’t going to help!

Secondly was the fitness test; to be honest, I was dreading this bit too… I know I can be so much fitter but I’m too much of a burger fan!! There were squats, lunges, standing long jumps, planking, rowing and an agility test. I do love a good row and a squat, I mean these chunky thighs of mine have to be good for something!

Lastly, the lifestyle test; a simple multiple choice on how much I enjoy my life, job, food etc. These questions were all answered totally honestly, I couldn’t lie about the lack of fruit in my life!

And then it was time for the results, my answers went into the app, and I felt my stomach drop. If I was anything under 36 years old in Bio age I’d be happy, but then the panic set in; what if I was useless at my fitness, what if I am so overweight for my height, what if my lack of fruit had really let me down?!

So, I’m gonna be super honest and share all of my results with you…


I came out as aged 30, and yes it’s not great but I’m proud of myself! It was far better than I thought and the areas that let me down were the areas I thought that would.

I’m going to start with the bad, and work my way to the good!


No shock there! I’m far too rounded for how little my legs are and with my nerves I’m not too worried about my blood pressure as the doctor hasn’t flagged this as an issue when I have my usual check ups. I don’t breath properly when I run so this is something I can work on, along with my weight loss. I’m half a stone down already so I’m going to use this to spur myself on even more.


My fitness actually really pleased me, I expected to do a lot worse that I did! I’m useless at planking, I’ve never been great at jumping (although I was chuffed with my 158cm standing long jump, but the app wasn’t so!), and my 500m row in under 2.30mins (I took 2.11mins) was exactly what they had expected. My squats, TRX row and agility were above average so that wasn’t expected at all!  I know what I need to work on for my next test now!!


And my lifestyle took off a year! I’m dead pleased with this as we all know burgers are the key to my heart but my happiness levels, and vegetable consumption must be helping!

Overall, I know what needs work and I’m booking a second test for July to see how much I can improve over a few months! I have my eyes set on a stunning dress for the last wedding of the year but I need to be feeling good to wear it! Mission Dress is on!

Have you had your bioscore taken?

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3 responses to “My Bioscore Results…”

  1. Leanne says:

    I think I would genuinely be terrified to know my results! x

  2. Lisa says:

    This is really interesting! I’d love to know mine, might take a look into this!

  3. Sophie says:

    This is so interesting, I reallly want to do one of these!

    Sophie x

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