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DIY Wedding with Sugru

And here we go with part two of some great DIY Wedding ideas…

Add a little DIY to your outdoor events

There’s nothing more fun than partying outdoors – but it can take that little bit more planning! What if it rains? Is there enough lighting? How does one dress a tree? Questions we’ve all agonised over, right? And anyway, we all know half the fun is in the planning

Sugru hooks are easy to make yourself, so you can add your personal touch anywhere you choose — whether you’re hanging photographs from a tree for a wedding or fairy lights from a brick wall for a barbecue, this simple idea lets you hang anything… from anything!

It’s the small touches that really bring a space alive and you know your guests will be impressed with your originality.

Creating a hook is easy and you don’t need much Sugru.

Step 1 – Open a sachet of Sugru and divide the Sugru into 5.

Step 2 – Roll each pea-sized amount of Sugru into a ball – each ball is one hook!

Step 3 – Press the Sugru onto your chosen surface, shape it and curve upwards into a hook.

24 hours later they will be ready for you to add your finishing touches!

We used woody brown for this project, because it blends in nicely with the bark of a tree – it’s almost invisible! And afterwards, you can either remove them or leave it there for another time.

So now you can look forward to your big event safe in the knowledge that your decorations reflect your personality, your friends and your family.

Hang lights outside without any drilling

This is a great project whether you’re looking to transform your garden, patio or balcony — installing lights has never been this easy. And the best bit… you don’t need to worry about drilling! So no hassle, no mess, and you can have this project finished in a few minutes! Sugru hooks are super easy to make, you can stick them to most surfaces and they’re weatherproof, so they won’t rust like regular hooks. And they practically disappear when you take the lights down, but will always be there the next time you need them.

Here’s how to do it:

One sachet of Sugru is enough to make 5 hooks, so you can trail your lights into whatever shape your like — along the fence, around a tree, or up the side of your house (that bit’s up to you!). Just follow these easy steps to create the hooks you need:

Step 1 — Split you Sugru sachet into 5 equal pieces

Step 2 — Pinch off a pea-sized piece and smudge a small base layer onto the surface you are sticking the hook.

Step 3 — Roll the Sugru ball into a small sausage, and pinch and press the Sugru onto the base layer.

In 24 hours the Sugru will have cured into a set of tough but flexible rubber hooks for your lights.

What DIY tips do you have to share?

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