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DIY Wedding Tips

Weddings are the perfect excuse to tap into your creative side, to make your day completely unique to you. Seeing as half the fun is in the preparation (it is a party after all!) Sugru have gathered together some ideas that you can create yourself — from easy ways to personalise your invitations to awesome ideas to decorate the venue! If you’re trying to plan your wedding on a budget Sugru is a great way to create something really special which won’t break the bank.

Make your own DIY wax seals

Whether you’re writing out the invitations, decorating your guests’ place-holders or sending thank you cards — this idea is super-versatile and can be adapted to create the look you’re after.

Sugru is easy to mould with your hands and is great at sticking to awkward surfaces, so you can turn almost anything into your own stamp. Here we used a milk bottle, but you can use anything with a flat surface.


For this project you’ll need something to use as a stamp, some tracing paper, a soft pencil and a pack of Sugru.

Step 1 – Choose a design for your stamp. Trace the design onto tracing paper using a soft pencil.

Step 2 – Roll a pea-sized amount of Sugru onto your chosen stamp-holder and flatten with your fingers.

Step 3 – Then while the Sugru is soft, gently press the Sugru against the tracing paper until the design transfers (clever huh?)

Step 4 – Use a sharp point, e.g. a knitting needle or small screwdriver, to carve your design.

Step 5 – Flatten your Sugru against the table for a perfectly flat finish to your stamp.
Tip: Use soapy water to stop Sugru from sticking!

In 24 hours your stamp will be ready and you can start getting those invitations out, people are going to love it!

Make an iPad photo booth

Make an iPad photo booth

You can  fix a cheap iPad plastic shell to a door peephole frame which can easily be bought online with Sugru and it holds well that it has endured whole weddings including kids. It is a great highlight for the evening which everybody loves. Great fun!

Pop back tomorrow for a few more DIY Wedding ideas!

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