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Ten Tips for Marathon Newbies

If this weekend is your first Marathon then I’d take a few minutes to read these tips I’ve put together as I wish I had known some of them when I ran it last year!


On the day before the race, get an early night in. Even if you’re not tired, get into bed early and relax.

Make sure you have read the timings for where you need to be on the day. Roads will be shut and public transport busy.

An hour before you race take an Imodium, this will stop unwanted loo trips!


Make sure you’re well hydrated, drink along the way, and drink after.  You will sweat a lot and need to keep your body full of fluids.

Make sure you have your name on the front of your running bib, when you start to hit the wall, strangers calling your name will be life savers!

Encourage yourself as you run! I was doing mental countdowns at the mile markers, and cheering myself on when I started to get tired.

People will offer you sweets as you go round; take them! They really do boost your mood!


Don’t be afraid to slow it down and walk. You will be surprised how many people you will see pacing themselves.

Carb load before hand, not fat load! I was running for over six hours, and didn’t eat for around 12 hours on my Marathon day, and burned over 6,000 calories so you need enough in you for your body to run on.

Make sure you have some painkillers on you! Taking some Nurofen at mile 20 really helped my pace!


Lastly, enjoy yourself. This may be your only time to take part in such an amazing event.

If it takes you longer than you thought, don’t beat yourself up about it!
If you have to walk, don’t fret, it’s a lot of strain on your body to run that far.
If you never want to run again after, that’s more than ok… I still haven’t!!!

Best of luck to those that are running this year!

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