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Running a Marathon after Injury *

As you all know, last year I completed my biggest achievement, the London Marathon and I’ve gone bloody mental in deciding to do it again next year.


My poor knees gave way in training last year and I was told to totally cut down my training and to run the marathon very cautiously as to not do any more damage. On the day of the marathon, the furthest I had ran in one hit was a half marathon that consisted of running the first 8 miles and then walking the rest after my knees gave way! I don’t think I could have actually got over the finish line if I hadn’t had such intense physio and sports massages, oh and that fact that I’m a rather determined little miss!


The marathon and the feeling of crossing that line is a feeling like no other; it beats passing my driving test, completing school & college, and getting my degree. It’s a true mind and body workout that can’t be rivalled and that’s why I’m going to put myself through it all over again.

But I am taking a few more precautions this time around!


I have started training a lot earlier than last time, in fact a good 6 months before I did last year so if anything does go wrong with my joints then I have more time to sort them out. We now run 5k each week, and will be upping this to 7.5k shortly. Apart from running, we do a HIIT workout in the park following a video we found on YouTube… fun fast and free! We also take part in a circuit class of a Saturday morning and head to the gym once a week too.

I’m making sure I lose weight, up my stamina and become far fitter than what I was last time so I can hopefully improve my time next year. I’m also building muscle and getting myself mentally in the right place to tackle this mammoth task.

Despite all of this I do have the Sevenoaks Medical Centre‘s phone number ready to go on my phone should I hit trouble again. I’ve done some research and the team here are exactly what I’d be looking for to get back on track and back out on the track too! The amount of technology and software they have to help diagnose and repair you is crazy! They also do their best to get you same day or next day appointments which is perfect when you’re in a lot of pain or don’t know why your body has given up on you mid-way through a run.

Are you in training for any marathons?

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