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Advice for Men Choosing an Engagement Ring *

When it comes to asking that special someone in your life to marry you, we all want everything to be perfect, just like a fairytale. It is the same with the ring, and although many men might not give it much thought, you can guarantee that a lot of women have thought it about it a great deal. What this means is that there is going to be a level of expectation that you need to achieve, so it is best that you plan accordingly.


Get her Involved

When it comes to engagement rings, many women desire a design that is a strong, fully resolved, unique work of art, which will make them feel like a princess. As much as you may wish to keep your proposition a surprise, if it’s your desire to give her the engagement ring of her dreams, it is best to get her involved from the start. You can still plan your proposal, and substitute the engagement ring with some cheap costume jewellery. When you explain to her that you taste is not that bad and that you wanted her to help choose the ring, you will see her eyes light up.

Getting some Help

If you insist on keeping things a secret, then you are going to need some help, preferably from people that know your bride to be, intimately. Whoever you choose you will need to make sure that they are capable of keeping a secret and let’s be honest asking someone to marry you is a big secret in the planning stage. Asking their family members, friends, or even colleagues for help can be very advantageous, but it does carry risks if they cannot keep a secret.

See what she likes?

If you go out shopping with your hopefully future wife, try walking past a few jewellery shops and see if she stops to have a look. Pay close attention to what she says and see which styles of ring she prefers. Pretend that you are not paying very much attention and she may just be none the wiser of your intentions. Although pay her too little attention and you may experience her wrath!

Something Unique

You could go that extra mile and give your intended a bespoke engagement ring, ensuring that the ring in her finger is truly unique. Companies such as Ringleaders jewellers offer this service and have a wealth of experience to assist you in making the right decisions with an engagement ring.

Not Over the Top

Although you want your future wife to be able to show off her new engagement ring, you will need to make sure that the ring that you choose is not too over the top. As well as looking at it from a perspective of cost, it is also an issue of practicality. If a ring is too big and flashy, it could get damaged or the diamonds fall out if the ring keeps catching on things such as clothing, doors, furniture.

As previously mentioned, though, the best way to make sure that your future bride has the engagement ring of her dreams is to let her help to choose it!

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