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Three Ways to Have Beautiful Jewellery Without Spending a Fortune *

Jewellery is a great way to add interest to any outfit, and to make your more dressy ensembles look complete. Of course, it is also expensive. While you can pick up cheap costume jewellery to wear for fun, having a few pieces of quality jewellery made of good materials is always better, and these can be pieces you will keep and wear for a lifetime – or maybe even pass down through your family. If you want to have some nice jewellery that makes you feel luxurious, but don’t have the kind of money to be picking out diamond-encrusted pieces from Tiffany’s, then here are some ideas for getting beautiful jewellery without spending a lot of money:


Second Hand Jewellery

Second hand jewellery can be a real bargain because like many expensive items, jewellery depreciates quite quickly when it isn’t new. Whether you check out vintage pieces or simply look for things people have had to sell, you can find all kinds of quality jewellery in precious metals and gems for far less money. Many jewellers sell some second-hand or refurbished pieces, and of course, pawn shops can also be a good place to look, but there are also private sales on sites like eBay. Aside from rings, size doesn’t generally matter with jewellery so you can buy knowing a piece you’ve seen online will fit. With rings, if you know your size you can still shop online easily, however, bear in mind that it doesn’t cost much to have a ring resized if you see one you love for a good price but it is too big or small, or you don’t know the sizing.

Charm Bracelets

When it comes to new jewellery, a charm bracelet can be a good way to end up with a valuable piece without having to spend a lot of money all at once. Charm bracelets from companies like Trollbeads and Pandora have gained huge popularity in the last decade, and it’s not surprising. Buying a base bracelet and a couple of charms or beads to start it off doesn’t have to be expensive as they come in all different types, and then you can add more fashion charms, beads and other accessories to it over time, meaning what you end up with after a few years is a unique and beautiful item that is worth a lot more than you paid at any one time. It is also good because people may buy you new charms and beads as gifts when they might not be able to afford to buy you an entire piece of branded jewellery.

Semi-Precious Stones and Crystal

If your budget won’t stretch to diamonds but you love the sparkle of set stones in jewellery, look out for pieces made of less expensive – but equally beautiful – stones or crystals. Some stones like amethyst, tourmaline, and turquoise are much cheaper to buy than high-end stones like diamond, ruby and sapphire, and can also be found in silver settings which are much cheaper than gold or platinum but are still long-lasting and attractive.

These are three ways to have some stunning jewellery even if you can’t afford diamonds and platinum!

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