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Tips for Looking Great in a White Prom Dress *

A white dress is traditionally worn by the bride on her wedding day but who says you can’t pull off the same style on prom night? A white dress has rich meaning and is not just limited to the symbol that it typically is known for. It can translate to a clean, modern, and sophisticated look. It really doesn’t matter as it’s the meaning that you put to it that is more important.

With the right styling and accessories, you’ll walk in your white prom dress with confidence and zero worries of looking like you’re about to get hitched. If your target is a white prom dress but you don’t want to look like a bride, follow our tips below.


Pick the right shade of white

White comes in different tints; some will look good on you while some won’t. A good base for choosing a tint is your skin temperature and undertone. So if you have a yellowish undertone, cool white will look good on you. If it’s pinkish, you can wear a warm white.

It can be confusing to distinguish and compare undertones, temperatures, and tints from one another, so make sure to bring a friend who has an eye for color. They’ll give you honest opinions on the shades that work for you and the shades that don’t.

Stay away from lace

Skip the lace and go for a less dainty type of embroidery pattern. Lovely lace will only make you look like you’re ready to walk down the aisle. The Prom Dress Shop allows you to view online store selections based on style, so you are sure to quickly find a dress without lace that meets your criteria.

Try out modern cuts

You might want to try out modern cuts with illusion designs that flatter your best assets. The cutouts create the perfect contrast to the ever-so-pure white color.  There doesn’t need to be many cutouts but only at areas that you want to flaunt the most.

The cutout should be strategically designed so it doesn’t show too much. You want to look fashionable without the cost of getting kicked out at prom for not following the dress code. A good start is to look at open back white prom dresses by Prom Dress Shop. They’re a reputable shop in Chicago that offers a wide selection of prom dresses.

Experiment with textures

There’s a wide variety of modern textures that you can experiment with. They give some character to your look and, even add dimension as white can sometimes look flat under lighting.

Pick statement accessories

You can go all out plain on your prom dress and complement it with edgy, sophisticated, or colorful accessories. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Try gold and silver for a bold look, or if you want a pop of color to your look, go for red or orange.

Carry a bleach pen on prom night

You’re a target for messy stains if you’re wearing light colors especially white. Be careful not to wear or be close to anything that could stain your dress. If possible, carry a bleach pen, or a Tide Stick with you. Should anything spill or stain on your dress come prom night, you’ll be glad you carried one with you.

Hope those tips have helped. Not everyone can pull off a white prom dress, so best to congratulate yourself at the end of the night for doing a great job pulling off a traditional wedding color and turn it into something that speaks of your style.

What other tips do you have to make a white prom dress work? Let me know in the comments.


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