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Gift Ideas for the Traveler in your Family *

I don’t know about you, but I always get asked what I’d like for my birthday or Christmas, and it’s usually followed by a sentence regarding how difficult I am to buy for. I prefer to spend my money on experiences and enjoying life than on physical things, but for all those family members and friends out there who are struggling to think of present ideas for us over the coming year, here are just a few things any adventurer would appreciate.

Essential Travel Accessories

Practical items that will help to make a traveller’s journey smoother and more organised will always be welcome. You can get some cute travel wallets these days to help keep documents, currency, reservations and so on in order. Then think about whether the person in question would find a jewellery organiser useful, or toiletry bags to aid with the packing process. Then there’s always matching luggage tags and passport holders to help make our items stand out from the conveyor belt.

Something to Remind them of Home

Just because your loved one likes to travel doesn’t mean they don’t miss you like crazy when they’re away, so why not give them something special to help to remind them of home and stave off that homesick feeling? I have a charm bracelet that I take everywhere, as it reminds me of all the people who gave me each of the charms. The ChloBo boho jewellery collection is perfect for this, as it’s inspired by luxury travel. You can add a touch of personality to it the bracelet too, by picking a charm and gemstone with specific meanings about your relationship.

An experience

If you’re still struggling to find something you can gift-wrap, then how about turning to experience gifts instead? Would they enjoy a helicopter lesson or the chance to drive a supercar for the day? Or would they prefer to indulge in a little pampering time with the gift of a luxury spa day in a new city?

If they love country music, how about someone awesome like Morgan Wallen? You can get tickets to see him from sites like and be confident that you’ve nailed this particular gift.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to suit their tastes.

The Travelling Pamper Station

Speaking of spa days, essential skincare or makeup products can be hard to come by when you’re making your way around the world. Perhaps you could help your family member stay comfortable on the road by picking up some travel sizes of skincare, mini manicure sets or travel-sized make-up? These are all luxury items, but not a single one will go to waste.

Journals and Scrap Books

Finally, when your best friend returns from their holidays, why not put together some kind of picture present? You could create a scrap book for them online, or perhaps a calendar with a different place they’ve visited for each month? Or instead, present them with a stylish leather-bound journal so that they can create their own or write about their experiences.

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