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Video Games that can Transform a Boring Night

There is nothing on TV and you can’t find anything watchable on Netflix. You’ve already opened the fridge a dozen times and it is barely 9 pm. What other things can you do to stave off the boredom? Of course, you could head out into the night if you’ve got places to go and if you are up for some night crawling. Otherwise, you’d have to find some tangible indoor entertainment.  This piece takes a look at some games you could try your hands on…

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

You could choose to go with exciting and simple online games such as the no-deposit bingo on offer at most gaming sites or you could choose to go with an actual no-holds-barred game like this one.  The game has everything from plots and interactions to battles and levelling systems.  It is a good cross between the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.  The game has everything old-school RPG players are familiar with but there doesn’t feel stale in any way.



This one will quickly become one of your all-time favourite browser based game.  This game is a tower defence game. You will be setting up buildings or characters in defined spots along a path so they can attack intruders.  The intruders in this game are balloons and your defenders are stationary monkeys that will throw everything from darts to boomerang in a bid to pop intruding balloons. If any balloon makes it past your defences and get to the other side of the map, you will lose a life. The game ends when you reach zero lives.

Caribbean Admiral

With Caribbean Admiral, you have a mix of trading and turn-based RPG gaming. When you are not battling, you are expected to buy products at one port for the lowest possible price and then ship purchased products to another city to sell at a higher rate.  You can repair your ship at the port or buy bigger ships that will allow you carry more goods and of course more pirate men for your future battles. The game is straightforward but thoroughly satisfying!

The Walking Dead

Zombie games are boring these days but this one deserves its place on our list because it is designed as a TV show where you can explore scenes, talk to other characters, make choices etc. You will be expected to make hard and far-reaching choices as you survive in a zombie filled world while protecting an orphaned little girl. The gameplay is straightforward and the story is more about emotions rather than just blowing away as many Zombies as possible.


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