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Shorts: Do I or Don’t I?

When the sun is out I always debate whether to pop on a pair of shorts and just deal with the fact that I greatly dislike getting my legs out.  I think they’re too pale and rather on the chunky side, not to mention the little spots of cellulite that appear. So how could I rectify this; there’s a few options…

Fake Tan

There are so many fake tan options on the market at the moment, and being an Essex girl, it would be a sin not to join in with the craze. I have tried a few and not got on too well with them as I often come out a little too orange for my liking. I could always just sunbathe but when do we really get the weather for that over here!

Body Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy triggers the body’s metabolism helping to get rid of localised fat and condensing cellulite effectively and painlessly. Where dieting alone isn’t enough Mesotherapy can help. Mesotherapy uses a non-invasive technique that introduces homeopathic medicines under the skin to reduce localised fat.  Thanks to a combination of vitamins, homeopathic substances, natural extracts and pharmaceuticals, your body receives the combined benefits of different cosmetic methods. The result is a combined treatment that visibly treats cellulite and localised fat. Pre and post treatment, it’s advisable to follow a low-fat diet which I tend to do as much a possible anyway, avoid alcohol and drink lots of water to help eliminate toxins and keep bruising to a minimum.

Gym Time

Fitness At Home Picture

I spend a decent amount of time in the gym, but right now I spend most of my time on the treadmill running for my London Marathon training. I need to spend more time doing exercises like these… Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises, or something like a Pick-Up Squat to engage my arms also! A Pick-Up Squat is a front-thigh stretch and here’s how you do it…

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a 2 to 5kg dumbbell in each hand by your sides.
Bend your knees 90 degrees, keeping your chest lifted as you place the dumbbells down, outside your feet.
Stand up and immediately squat down again, picking up the weights at your feet.
Repeat for 1 minute, alternating lowering the weights and picking them up.

Do you wear shorts? Any tips for me on getting my legs in tip-top shape?

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  1. Claire says:

    My legs are horrid, but when I’m away in sunny climes I’ll still rock the shorts!

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