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Bespoke & Oak Co.

When it comes to wedding gifts, I like to purchase something a little different, something that the chosen couple won’t get two of, so I usually pick something personalised. I have a few websites that I know I can rely on to pick something from and get it to me within a good time and Bespoke & Oak is one of them.


As the name suggests, the items are all bespoke and made from oak! The company was born when the owners created their own wedding table plan using a soldiering iron to burn the names on to a large board of wood they found in one of the outbuildings at thier home. They then realised there was a market for this and they create each piece by hand still. They have expanded slightly to bring a Social Media guru onto the team to spread the word about their awesome products.

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on this stunning gift…

A personalised memories box for adventurers!

Of course, we had it made for ourselves as we felt it would be too good to give the first one away to a new married couple! I get a terrible case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when I buy people awesome gifts and don’t have one for myself!

As soon as I opened it I was amazing at how impressive the quality was in comparison to how low the price is!


I’m a sucker for keeping tickets, wristbands, and maps of wherever the chap and I visit so it’s great to have one place to keep it all. When I was looking for all the bits I knew I had kept they were split between three desk drawers, my bedside cabinet, the ‘important stuff’ drawer and the man tin in the kitchen so it’s now all in one stunning box on my desk!

I’m thinking of moving the chaps whiskey decanter so this can have pride of place on our sideboard next to our C3P0 Bluetooth speaker, but shhh, don’t tell him yet! This deserves to be seen by all who enter the flat and we don’t have a mantelpiece!

I love the amount of detail in the engraving on the lid. We were able to pick the wording on top and felt our names were very much needed for the perfect personalisation, and I love the Tolkien quote ‘Not all those who wander are lost’ as it’s so very true. When were are out adventuring I like to plan a decent amount but then always leave time to have a wander and explore, and we certainly aren’t lost, we’re just taking in the local culture at its best!

They also have some other great wedding gifts such as…


And yes, I do totally want a set of these for our honeymoon too! 

They also have some stunning wedding ideas that have been added to my Pinterest page for when my time comes…


I’m so not creative so letting a team that know what they are doing makes so much more sense, well that’s my excuse anyways! I also love supporting family run, small businesses as you know the amount of love and care that will go into creating your order!

What do you think makes a great wedding gift?

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