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Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Right, I admit it, I’m a convert… I LOVE coconut oil. I was really sceptical to start as I thought it was going to be another foodie fad that had taken the world by storm overnight, but I think it could be here to stay!

I was pretty reluctant to try it as I really don’t like the taste of coconut but it doesn’t taste of it at all and I now cook with it at least two or three times a week!

The lovely guys from Vita Coco sent me the loveliest set…


Which opened up to…


And opened up again to…


How bloody cute?! This is certainly the best packaged parcel I have received in a very long time!

So over the past few weeks we’ve began cooking with it a lot more and I’ve been researching the best uses for the oil! I thought I’d share with you what I’ve found out and what I’ve been up to…

IMG_1666 (1)

I made this killer stir fry a while back but then remade it with coconut oils so I edited the recipe that I shared the recipe here!


After having my hair dyed bright blue, it needs a little more care due to the amount it has been bleached so I’ve been coating it in coconut oil, tying it up and rinsing out about 2 hours later. Penny leaves hers in overnight!

I’ve also been told that it’s a great eye make-up remover and is obviously a lot softer than using make-up wipes! You simply apply a small amount to your eyelids with your finger, and move it down over your eyelashes, then with a clean cloth simply wipe away the make you’ve removed. And yes, rumour has it, it works on waterproof mascara too!

I am a total convert, and you can find out why and how others #SwearByIt here.

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