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London Fashion for the Office – Dress for Success *

While every day seems to be a ‘Dress-Down Friday’ these days, the truth of the matter is that you really will be judged by your appearance. There is a real psychology behind this way of thinking and that simply boils down to a carefree look is deemed equivalent to a carefree attitude towards the job you’ve been hired to do. If you want to go places with your employer, the old cliché “Dress for success” is still appropriate. Even so, you can look ultra-chic and professional without looking stuffy and boring. A few simple guidelines will have you dressing like a professional without overdoing the look.


Keep an Eye to Length

When dressing for the office, especially a conservative office such as when working for a solicitor or accountancy, the length of your dress is extremely important. In previous years, lengths have been getting shorter and shorter but there came a point when skirts became so short that they verged on inappropriate for office attire. Gladly, this year midi dresses have made a huge comeback and although they are flowing and clingy, they are an appropriate length for any office in any industry whatsoever. To get an idea of the styles that are trending, click here.

From Open Toed Shoes to Cut-outs

In summer months it is tempting to wear open toed shoes because your feet can breathe in the heat. However, cut-out flats are just as cool and much more conducive to a professional appeal. You won’t need to keep your toenails painted and if you don’t mind not wearing hose, your feet won’t sweat tremendously. In fact, you can wear little footie hose that won’t show above the shoe but is light enough to form a barrier between the leather and the sensitive skin on your feet.

Double Breasted Jackets and Loosely Cut Trousers

Some ladies prefer to wear trouser-suits to the office if they do a lot of walking about, lifting, bending and leaning over when performing their duties. It is perfectly acceptable to wear trouser suits to the office and if you are looking to dress more on the feminine side, why not wear pastel coloured linen suits that can never be mistaken for anything but ladylike? Double-breasted jackets have made a comeback and are the perfect top for a casual yet professional suit to be worn at the office.

Accessories and Makeup

It would seem that large statement pieces have said what they had to say and are now a thing of the past. However, if you still have those oversized necklaces, rings and bracelets that you just love to wear, it might be a good idea to leave them at home. Today’s professional woman is wearing understated jewellery and just a touch of makeup. Today’s job recruiters are suggesting applying a hint of makeup so as to look natural but enough to highlight your best features and give your cheeks and lips a touch of colour.

When dressing for a London office, be aware of the fact that there are still a great many employers who lean towards the traditional. Clients and other business professionals will form an impression of you based on your attire, so if you want to be a success, dress for success.

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