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The Top 5 Family Friendly Attractions in China *

China is an amazing country, vast and brimming with rich culture and history, and it also has some excellent family-friendly destinations for your next holiday.

 It does not come more exotic than booking a family holiday to China. It is not the first destination that springs to most people’s mind, but there is a wealth of history, culture, and stunning natural beauty, as well as plenty of things to keep the kids entertained. Here are some of the 5 top destinations in no particular order that are family friendly and you are sure to have an excellent time on your holiday to China.


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Chengdu is one of the most favourite destinations in China for tourists, and it is famous for its spicy hot pot, and of course the giant pandas. There are plenty of parks in the area such as Stone Elephant Lake and Baihuatan Park, or you could enjoy one of the amusement parks such as Happy Valley or Floraland. Any reputable travel company such as The China Travel Company can include this favourite destination in your itinerary.


A visit to China would not be complete without taking in the vast Terracotta Army in Xi’an. As well as having plenty of history to offer, there are also plenty of things to keep the children occupied, such as making mini terracotta warriors, or learning the art of paper cutting.


A lot of travellers coming to China will come to Beijing. As well as being a major travel hub, there are plenty of things to keep your family occupied during your visit. One of the most popular destinations to visit is the Forbidden City, which attracts thousands of people each day. Another popular attraction is the Great Wall, which can be visited easily on a day trip from Beijing. Click here to find out more about what makes Beijing such a popular destination.

Hong Kong

There are many different reasons for visiting Hong Kong, but no trip to China is complete unless you get to take in the city skyline at night. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city with many different nationalities visiting, as well as living there. There is excellent for shopping, and also a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene. You can also treat the children to a visit to Disney World and hang out with Mickey and friends for a day. There are also water parks and nature reserves, as well as easy access to Macau on the mainland. Hong Kong has a distinct feel to it that is different from anything else that you will find in China and is one of those iconic cities that everybody should visit at least once


Some people prefer the natural scenic beauty, rather than man-made, and Guilin is the perfect destination to see some awe inspiring scenery. The landscape is full of the green of nature, with jagged tooth-like mountains making a beautiful setting. There are plenty of areas that are suited for exploring on bicycles, and you can hire there for the entire family. You can cruise along the Li River, and also explore some of the small villages that are dotted around the countryside. There are also many cooking courses available which can be loads of fun for all of you.

There is so much to see and do in the vast country of China, that it is hard to list everything. These five destinations are all family friendly, with lots of activities and things to see. One thing is for sure, your first visit to China will be a memorable one, and may just keep you coming back again!


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