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How will We be Winding Down after a Hectic Summer? *

*This is a collaborative post.

If you’re a follower of my Instagram or Twitter, you will have seen that I’ve had a pretty hectic summer! Between us, we’ve been to 4 weddings, 2 hen dos, 3 stag dos, 5 festivals, a couple of gigs, nights out, staycations and anything else we could cram inbetween. Oh, and all of that’s without Mike working his full-time job and me freelancing every hour under the sun! It’s rather safe to say that we haven’t much time to ourselves to chill out, recharge and just be at home!

I’ve pulled together a little list of all the things we want to do in October and November before we kick off my 30th birthday celebrations and then head into Christmas, closely followed by Mike’s birthday too!

Book a Spa Weekend

I’ve had my eye on this Luxury Newmarket Spa for a while now as it’s not too far away to spend a weekend there! The Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa is just stunning and has an award-winning restaurant too; what more could we want on a weekend away!

The building itself is a Georgian hunting lodge that was built for the Sixth Duke of Bedford back in the 18th century and has been a hotel for almost 80 years now. It has been home to politicians, racing jockeys and the founder of The Sunday Express so the walls are oozing with history.

We could arrive, spend an afternoon in the spa, have a cheeky soothing back, neck, shoulder and stress releasing scalp massage to really set the mood, have a drink before dinner in the Roxana bar, dine in the Squire’s Restaurant, a relaxed nights sleep, then have a very lazy morning before the drive home. It’s exactly what we need right now.

Deep Clean our Flat


For some people, this may be their worst nightmare but we both really enjoy having a good clean up! We need to take some time out to sort the kitchen cupboards, deep clean the bathrooms, recycle of a ton of clothes that we no longer want or need, find homes for new purchases and just get the flat looking proper spotless. Having a clean home really makes me feel calm as there’s no clutter on the sides that needs to be dealt with!

Catch Up on TV and Films

We rarely take time to sit down and watch the TV or films, unless it’s Bake Off or The Circle! There’s been some amazing series on over the summer and some great films due out in the cinema that we are going to spend some time just sitting, maybe with a glass of wine or two and catch up! I think we will be starting with Manifest as I’m super eager to find out more after seeing the advert on TV recently!

I really can’t wait to spend more time at home, our clean and tidy home, and have a weekend away that isn’t for a wedding, a stag do or a hen do! I think we are due to treat ourselves really!

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