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The Polish Bakery *

When it comes to bread, I’m a total fiend. Seriously, I couldn’t go bread free for a day, I’m that bad! It’s pretty safe to say I haven’t been sticking to ‘No Carbs before Marbs’ when an insane delivery turned up from The Polish Bakery!

The Polish Bakery was founded in 2003, making them the oldest Polish bakery in the UK. Their award winning Master Baker closely guards his sourdough recipe, and the proportions of the other ingredients are closely monitored to produce the finest of loaves.


I certainly didn’t expect to be sent as much as I was so once we tried some of it all we shared it out amongst our parents otherwise I’d be even more chunky that I am now!

The main star of the delivery for me was the chia seed bread; chia seeds have become quite a part of my life over the past year since learning how good it is for you.  Chia seeds are among the healthiest foods on the planet, as they are loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain. I often just pop a handful into my water but chai seed bread is a far better way to consume them!


We toasted our bread and had a very thin layer of jam made by our neighbour for breakfast last weekend and it was lush!!

Also in our delivery was rye bread which I find for me, being intolerant to yeast, is slightly less unsettling on my stomach and none I have tried before have been this good! I also find with rye bread where it’s denser than usual white bread I eat less of it… win win really! We also tried the rye bread with cranberries which got me looking up recipes for bread and butter pudding as it’d be great for that!

We didn’t just get savoury products in our delivery, nope, we got two huge slabs of cake too; apple cake and fruit cheesecake. Despite looking rather heavy due to the thickness of the slices, they were super light and went well with a cup of tea!

If you’re looking for great quality and something a little different I highly recommend The Polish Bakery.

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