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Sea Life, Manchester *

Whilst we were having fun in Manchester we spent the afternoon at the Sea Life Centre courtesy of 365 Tickets. I do love spending time at Sea Life Centres as they make me feel so relaxed; it’s just something about the fish! I also really appreciate the amount¬†of work they do at the centre’s to ensure that certain species don’t end up being extinct and how they care for animals that are in need of a better life.

I do love spending time there as they make me feel so relaxed; it’s just something about the fish and the tranquil atmosphere that they have despite the fact there are lots of children around usually!

Even watching our video makes me feel relaxed…

We were lucky enough to witness the shark feed which only happens three times a week and it was pretty awesome! I love how they all flocked to the top, grabbed some meat then hid away to chow down on it. I was surprised that the turtle even got a look in, but he did! It was so interesting to learn about what they eat, how they are fed and how they don’t hog all of the food like I thought they would. There was no fighting and no one was left out of the fun!

Have you ever been to the Sea Life Centre?

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