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36hrs in Margate

A few weekends ago we headed over to spend just under 36 hours in Margate. We left our flat at 11am and by 12.30pm we were parked up in the Dreamland car park walking to our Airbnb. There were a lot of great things to do in Margate and we really didn’t want to come home so we thought we’d share our favourite things in case you decide to do a flying visit too!

Be warned this will be photo heavy…


Visit Dreamland! This vintage style theme park re-opened last year and is so cute. We spent hours going on rides, getting lost in mirror mazes and winning toys on the games around the park.


Whilst you’re in Dreamland eat some Naughty Floss. We had the chocolate coconut one and it was amazing!


Walk along the seafront and spend all your  money on grabber machines that never win!


Visit the Shell Grotto; Made of 4.6 million shells, there’s 2000 square feet of mosaic and one big mystery as to how they got there!


Stop for a mango cider in Fez Bar. If you’re lucky enough to get the window seat, like we did, you control the record player which meant an evening of Bryan Ferry and Madness for the rest of the customers!


Eat breakfast in The Cupcake Cafe; this was amazing. Just look at that door stop bread!


Eat in Duke’s Diner. This burger was rather damn good, service fantastic and we certainly enjoyed watching Grease whilst we ate!


Visit the stunning Tudor House. It’s £1.50 entry and so worthwhile, we learned so much in a short space of time and the volunteers that work there were amazing.


Walk down the Harbour Arm and look back at Margate, it’s just so bloody cute with those little colourful ships all lined up!


Mike finally won me a toy  and we called him Winston. We welcomed him with open arms into the Squibb-Hubert family and took our first family selfie in the car home.

We can’t wait to return as these is so much more there we want to do!

Have you ever been to Margate?

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