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Awesome Things You Can Do as a Part-Time Traveler *

We know a lot of you are dreaming of becoming a part-time traveler. Life as a part-time traveler can be very exciting and rewarding at the same time. As lucrative as becoming a part-time traveler can be, however, a lot of people who have tried also failed. It is still necessary to have a safety net in place and sources of income to rely on.

Fortunately, there are some great things you can do to help build a career as a part-time traveler. From our experiences meeting others during our trips, we have gathered a number of ideas you can try to get started.


Study and Travel More

A lot of people choose to go back to school in order to pursue a master’s degree and boost their career. While there are those who keep their part-time jobs and study at the same time, many choose to quit and focus on their studies.

There is actually a way you can turn your decision to go back to school into a chance to start traveling more. There are now online courses that offer master’s degrees – accredited, valuable degrees nonetheless. Taking an online course will allow you to pursue a master’s degree whilst traveling.

You can even study at the best universities in other countries, such as Champlain College in Vermont, and pursue stunning degrees like a master of science in law. The online MSL degree will help you get a good job at the end of the course and you can have a lot of fun traveling while pursuing the degree.


Build a Travel Blog

A good part-time traveler must be able to market their skills and expertise to clients to earn a living. A blog is the center of that effort, acting as the place where other people read about the hotels you visit or the cuisines you try. That’s the reason why Squibb Vicious is here; so we can share our experiences with you.

The more exposure your blog gets, the more clients will notice your presence. You will start getting invitations to try a new restaurant or to travel to an exotic destination and review a hotel. You can make the blog – and your online persona – more interesting by adding social media pages to the mix.

It takes time for your online presence to be valuable enough to support you as a part-time traveler, but building a blog and connecting with readers are among the most awesome things you can do. You’ll have an amazing time for sure.


Work Online

Traveling costs money and not everyone can afford to simply leave their job and travel to beautiful places on their savings. This last tip is a good way to work around that. You can now work online thanks to the internet and today’s best mobile devices. There are plenty of jobs to do too, from simple data entry jobs to consulting for companies back in the US.

Some offline jobs actually allow you to travel and work remotely. The best start-ups in London, for instance, have executives and experts working from across the country – and even across Europe – as employees or contractors. These positions will enable you to travel more as well.

These are just some of the things you can do as a part-time traveler. There are still so many opportunities to explore, so be sure to stay tuned here on Squibb Vicious for more!

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