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9 Things You Can Do to Make Yourself Feel Great *

In an increasingly busy and stressful world, getting by and making do is often a priority over feeling great. Sometimes, you need to make some big changes to give yourself a boost. This might be focusing on your career, or making some changes in a relationship. In other cases, merely stopping and truly seeing what we have can be all it takes to make us feel amazing. If you need a little help, here are nine ways to make yourself feel amazing.


Learning is a great way of doing something for you. You’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Whether you want to learn more about a hobby or interest, or further your career as a public relations manager by studying for an online MCM degree, there is a course out there for you.

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself is a great way to feel good. This could be anything from buying something you’ve had your eye on to taking that holiday you’ve been considering. Sometimes it’s just a takeout dinner and an early night.


Finding a way to relax and forget about your stresses, or to deal with them, is a brilliant way to make yourself feel better. For some, this is speaking to friends, for others it might be a counsellor. Find what works for you.


Adding even 10 minutes of exercise to your day can help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your fitness, reduce stress and depression, and help you get a great night’s sleep. You don’t need to add an intense fitness program, go for a brisk walk in the fresh air, or take up a running program like the couch to 5k.

Eat Well

Like exercise, a healthy diet can help you feel better both physically and mentally. The odd treat won’t hurt; it might even be a good thing, as long as it’s in moderation. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and limit fatty or sweet foods.


Sleep is a little different for everyone, but most of us need between six and nine hours a night. Getting a good night’s sleep means you wake feeling refreshed, getting each day off to the best start.


Laughing, and spending time with those that make us laugh and smile, is one of the best natural mood boosters. Make time for your friends and family, and enjoy them.

Focus on the Positives

We all have a tendency to concentrate on what we don’t like, or we’re not happy with. To feel great, focus on what you love, both about yourself, your life, and the world around you. Write them down if it helps.

Do What You Love

This could be anything, a hobby, your job, playing with your children or even your online MCM program. Whatever it is, make time to fit it into your day. To be truly happy, and feel great, you must make time for what you love.

If you aren’t feeling so good and none of these tips are helping, speak to your doctor. Remember, life is to be enjoyed!

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