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Before the Days of Instagram Husbands! *

Back in the day before I met Mike two years ago, I didn’t have an Instagram husband, and this is quite the travesty for a blogger! I’ve struck gold with Mike being willing to follow me around with a variety of camera’s for photos and videos, and on a recent trip, we roped Dad into it! We saw a photo we’d really like for our Instagram and it wasn’t something we could selfie so we made Instagram Dad a thing!


But not all of us are lucky to have this, before Mike, I had to rope in friends on nights out for outfit photos and then poor Dad would have to take outfit photos at home when he was about. I did try the odd timer photo, but it never quite worked out how I wanted it to, then again not all photos my dad took were what I had pictured in my head, sorry Dad!

For those of you that are still having this problem, I’ve found a solution! It comes in the form of Bidvine, who state ‘We make hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculously simple – and help people use the time saved to pursue their passions.’

I obviously had a little look at the photography options for those of you who need a part time Insta Hubby and the process they use is awesome. I was asked for my postcode, and at this point I usually get told that there is nothing outside of London, so when I was given more options, I knew I was onto a winner! I was asked what style of photos I would like so I opted for High Fashion and Candid photos outdoors to be returned to me in an online format. I was even asked my budget, so for being on a bloggers budget, I’d went in at £100 – £250, I aim on getting a good few outfit changes in there for that! You can pick if you travel or if your photographer travels, I think here opting in for both will give you more option.

You then sit tight and await the quotes from the professionals to roll into your inbox. You’re to expect around 5 responses and then just reply to one that suits your briefs the most!

Simple isn’t it?!

You can thank me later when you’re uploading your professional photos to your blog!

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