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When it comes to working, you need to be happy in your office environment and I’ve planned my happy working place here, but sometimes you’re not lucky enough to work from home and have to work in a normal office.

K2Space have done a lot of research into how your workplace can affect you, and this fascinated me. I’ve worked in about 10 different office spaces from internships up to the job I have now and all spaces have been totally different. One was super cool with a pool table, dart board, table football and ping pong in an open loft space, and others have been a lot more corporate and I do think they affect the way I work greatly.


My current office is painted bright colours such as yellow and green that actually helps my mood, even when I get off the train from my cummute in it tends to cheer me up. The super cool office with loft space could sometimes be a distraction as the urge to play Fifa during the working day would sometimes be a little too much.

I think one thing that most offices can struggle with is lighting, it’s all well and good having big windows, but when the sun hits your computer screen and the blinds have to be closed sometimes the overhead lighting can be a little too much.  They need to invest in yellow bulbs to help the eyesight, not bright white ones.

Plants are a must in all offices; I’ve never worked in one where there hasn’t been at least one plant as it helps with the oxygen in the room which keeps your brain ticking over nicely. It also gives me a calming feeling, I’m not too sure why!

With my current job, there’s a fruit delivery twice a week and a really luxurious coffee machine to help keep the office motivated and healthy. Eating fruit really helps improve employee wellbeing and on a Monday we get a delivery of crossiants and yogurts to start the week right.

I honestly think that your workplace needs to make you feel good so you work well. I used to work in a really corporate office where it was quite quiet and it felt like you couldn’t be yourself all the time so it made you less motivated to work!

How does your working environment effect you?

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