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Our Dream Office

When it comes to owning a business, we have no idea! I mean, working for ourselves from a posh home office and setting our own working hours is really high on our life list but right now it wouldn’t be something we could do. Despite that, I recently helped Direct Line for Business with an article for their Small Business Hub and it got me thinking about what our dream office would look like, I’ve still got my lust list of what our office would look like, and no, Mike didn’t get much say in this!


With having quite plain walls, we could collect maps, art work and trinkets from all the places we travel to make the room feel really personal. I’d have the lighting quite industrial looking to keep in with the shabby chic walls. Scattered around the room there would be silver accessories to match my iMac as I’m totally for colour coordinating!

We’d have a really nice pair of desks, or even one of those large wraparound ones that sit 2 of us so we could both work comfortably. Places like Office Monster offer a range of different desks suitable for all room shapes so I’ll be hitting them up!

In an ideal world, we’d have our own business in the creative industry so we’d need some shelving for our camera collection and tripods. I also think it could be a cool place to show off my quirky handbag collection too…


I like to keep the colours quite monotone with the odd bits of colour popping in the smaller details, but I’m torn between what set of storage boxes to go for!


Maybe a stack of each as I’m a sucker for hoarding things and it’s always nice to have the junk I keep well hidden!

In amongst our travel reminders, I’d also like a few quirky bits such as…


I feel these are really suited to us; we love music, anchors, stags and skulls so why not throw in some of those for good measure. Having white walls gives you so much space to add personality and I think these would do just that!

I’d also get myself one of the best nursery gliders to chill out on too!

What does your dream workspace look like?

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4 responses to “Our Dream Office”

  1. Sam says:

    I am so glad I am not the only one that dreams of having my own office, it is actually one of my life goals haha.

    Love your style and especially the idea of having the quirky bags on display!

    • SquibbVicious says:

      Thank you 🙂 I currently have a hat stand in our 2nd bedroom with all my bags on but they need to be displayed better!!

      I often see things and think… future office! Best keep saving!!

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