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Sports Injury Provention *

When it comes to sports, there is such a high risk of injury. When you’re pushing your body to the maximum sometimes you can’t help getting hurt, but other times accidents happen too.


I’ve been reading up on sports injury facts and thought I’d share some with you a few tips on how to prevent them as they are so popular…

Stretching and jogging to warm up are often used to reduce the risk of injury. It only takes a few minutes and can make such a difference. I always set aside five minutes before my run to stretch out and warm up. We will run very slowly to get going and then when we are a good temperature and feel comfortable we up the pace a little.

Allowing at least one day off a sport per week allows the body to recover. I love this one the most, as it means I get an excuse to take some time out from training and to visit family, eat loads or spend some time at home.

Wearing the correct protective gear drastically reduces the chances of injury. This can work out quite pricey but it is more than worth it! I went to the London Marathon store in Liverpool Street and had my trainers fitted professionally. I even had inner soles fitted to my feet so I can run more comfortably. Yes, it was expensive but my feet are so happy in my trainers that it makes getting out and running far easier.

Using the correct taught technique for a sport or exercise helps reduce the chance of picking up an injury. I have watched so many videos on how to run properly; I know it sounds silly but there are techniques to help you run lighter, breathe better and to stop strain on your body. I’m still trying to nail these but I’m running a lot lighter than I was before and it’s made running a lot easier, I’m running further than I was before and am less achy the next few days.

By taking breaks and drinking plenty of water during and after exercise, fatigue and overheating can be reduced. I have to admit, we are quite bad at this one! We don’t take water out when we run as we don’t run too far, but we will when we up our distances. We also don’t break as we need to up my stamina and keep the runs going or my body starts to give up.

If you’re looking for somewhere to go when you do need injury help and you’re in London, I recommend the Sports Injury Specialist in Chelsea as they are specialiast in the sports injury sector.

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