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Top Places you can Visit on a Cruise *

Recently Mike and I were discussing some of our favourite holidays and I mentioned a couple of cruises we had been on when I was younger. During my early teens it gave me a great amount of freedom of an evening, after having dinner, I would meet my friends and we would go off to a disco or the cinema on board and I felt like a grown up. It gave me the chance to make my own memories of those holidays and I loved. Mike, on the other hand, has never been on one before!

I think a cruise is something every traveller should experience; you can visit so many places in a short amount of time. For my family, it was a way to visit places we wouldn’t plan on spending more than a few days at but were too far to do so. On one of our cruises I got the chance to visit Leptis Magna, something I never would have got to do without that.

So, naturally, I’m convincing Mike that we need to do one together and have come up with a few of the top destinations you can visit on a cruise from Planet Cruise.

Norwegian Fjords


When most people think of Norway, the first things that spring to mind tend to be the majestic fjords for which the country is so famous, and, of course, Vikings. While you won’t find any of the latter wandering around Scandinavia these days, the former remains one of the nation’s top attractions, and there’s no city in Norway that provides better access to the fjords than Bergen so why not hop on a cruise to see them, Flam and Stavanger. So many incredible sights to see.

Hawaiian Island – Papeete to Los Angeles


I went to Hawaii back when I was 16 and had the time of my life, and I want to take Mike there so bad. I think it’s where I’d like to honeymoon and spent the rest of my life! Its stunning beaches, incredible history and the nicest of people make it just perfect, and I only stayed in Honolulu! With this cruise, you start in Tahiti, cruise through the Hawaiian Islands and finish in Los Angeles over the space of three weeks. I think that’s the perfect length of time for a honeymoon right?

World Cruise!


I always said if I won the lottery, I’d do a world cruise. They last over 100 days, and it I was rolling in cash I’d go top cabin with a butler, just because I could! My justification, if I need any, is that it’d be a great way to see so many places, decide where you like and then visit those on separate holidays. You’re obviously at sea for a few days at time but this is great time to chill out and explore your cruise boat. They are like Vegas style hotels on the water with so much to do. All of your meals are paid for too so I think for that’s an added bonus as I’m a big food fan and it makes the price seem so much more reasonable!

Have you ever been on a cruise?

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