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Where I’d Travel after Winning the Lottery *

If I had a pound for every time I said ‘If I won the Lottery’ I wouldn’t actually need to do the Euromillions or the Powerball lottery as I’d be so rich! Mike and I often sit and discuss what kind of houses we’d buy, what cars we’d have in our garage and where we would go on holiday to.  And today I’m going to share that holiday list with you!

First up on my list is a trip back to Hawaii. I fell head over heels in love with the place over 10 years ago and I am longing to go back so badly.  It’s one of those places where I feel like I left a tiny piece of my heart. I learnt to surf there, I got my first tattoo there and it’s where I really started to get into photography with my dad challenging me to take better photos than he did one night when we sat and watched the sunset from an empty beach. It’s somewhere I’d love to take Mike to so we can build on those memories and create some of our own.

Next up is Egypt and the incredible history they have there. I’ve never been interested in Sharm el Shiek as I’m not one for sitting around in an all-inclusive style resort, but I am so interested in the Egyptians that I long to see the Aswan Dam, the Nile, the Tomb of Nefertari where the magnificent wall painting decoration is regarded as one of the greatest achievements of ancient Egyptian art and, of course, the pyramids. My parents did a cruise down the Nile on a tiny sailboat and I so want to do the same!

A visit to Australia is pretty high on my list too. I ve had so many friends go out there and they always come back with glowing reviews. I also love the idea of staying out on farm in the middle of nowhere and helping with the day to day chores to see how it’s done. Australia has so many different areas, terrains and things to see and do that I think you’d need quite a long time to truly adventure there!

And whilst I’m over that way a stop in New Zealand would be more than necessary! I have family over there that I’d love to go and stay with and have them show me the sights! I know this is another super vast country that you could get so very lost in and have the best time. It would be somewhere we could take the drone and fly that out across the amazing scenery they have too!

These are just a few of the places that I’d visit, but if I had zero limitations on money I would love to travel to every country to learn about their cultures, eat their food and become fully immersed in their way of life!

Where would you head to if money was no object?


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