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Mike’s 30th Birthday Thai Feast!

When it comes to your other half turning 30, you don’t do things by half, well at least not in the Squibb Household. We love a birthday and we love food so we merged the two together and hired a Thai chef to cook up a complete feast to bring in Mike turning 30 and the New Year.

When I say feast, I mean feast We had 15 different dishes and still have a freezer filled with leftovers as they were too good to throw out.

This post is going to be photo heavy, the food was too good to not snap away at.

We had two starter dishes, the first being a chicken soup filled with mushrooms, bamboo, and total goodness.

Before I go any further, I have to state that everything was homemade that we ate; every sauce, every side dish, and every item. You could tell, with every mouthful, of the care and time that had gone into creating our dishes.

Our next starter was chicken satay with homemade peanut sauce…

With some of the best spring rolls I have ever eaten. They weren’t heavy, greasy and had glass noodles inside which I love!

I could have happily just sat and eaten those all night, they were that good. In fact, I was quite distraught when I found out my parents had eaten all of the leftover spring rolls before I got a look in!

The main courses were insane. I’ve never had so much choice or flavour in one meal and it was all from the comfort of my parents home.

So this is where the photo’s start coming thick and fast!

When I go out for Thai food, Beef Masaman is one of my most favourites, so it was only natural that we had one during our feast and my god, it was incredible.

The flavours with unlike any other Masaman I had eaten before, and it’s going to be tough to beat!

Our other beef dish was Beef in Oyster Sauce.

This was a dish I had never experienced before, and one I’d be ordering again. I love the use of the chunky onions and how much flavour the beef had.

 Of course, a Thai Meal wouldn’t be complete without a Thai Green Curry and what a curry it was!

I’ve actually got the sauce of this in our freezer and I’m waiting for the right moment to crack it out as it’s too good to use willy nilly!

 Now, this was something a little different, and it was such a welcome to try! Chilli Squid, the squid of dreams!

I can be funny with the texture of squid and this was amazing, nothing odd about it at all!

By this point, I was hurting from eating so much, which is rare for me, but the food was so good I couldn’t stop myself from eating more.

 Again, like the squid, I wouldn’t have ordered sea bass when out for a meal, but now I certainly will be!

Who would have thought that sea bass and onion would go so well!?

Not much more to go now guys, I’m sorry for making you hungry!

The Garlic King Prawns were incredible. I’m sure you’re fed up of me saying how great everything was, but I can’t even put into words how incredible every dish was.

We also had butterflied king prawns too, and they were huge.

We also had an awesome Pad Thai, that my parents demolished the following day for dinner!

And for dessert, we had mango with sticky rice in coconut milk.

The mango’s, to be perfect for the dish, have to be bought 5 days in advance so they are perfectly ripe. Who knew?!

We didn’t eat until 5pm the next day as we were so full up still. I’ve never been so full but needed to carry on eating like that before.

Our kitchen was left spotless, all food was left for us to share between us, and we were left to ring in Mike’s birthday and the New Year with family.

We had the most amazing food and I can’t recommend Leck, our chef, enough. If you want to host your own Thai feast then drop me a line and I can hook you up!

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  1. Leanne says:

    Oh my god this looks absolutely incredible – every single dish looks delicious x

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