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How to Find a Local Electrician Quickly and Easily *

You are stuck without electricity. Assuming that you didn’t forget to pay the bill, you may have some real electrical issues on your hands.

If you are living in your own home or renting a flat in or around London or Essex it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the help you need for your electrical woes. You will need to find a local electrician to assess and get to fixing the issues so you can get back to focusing on more interesting and fun stuff!

Here’s a few tips on how to get the best professional out there in a bind. 

Ask Your Neighbours

If your electric has gone out or you have been having wiring issues or other electrical issues and you live in an apartment building or condominium unit, take advantage of the knowledge base that is surrounding, you. Ask your neighbors if they have a person that they use.

Also, if you are leasing and you live in a managed building where you pay maintenance fees monthly, call your maintenance person first. There may be an issue with the building. You will want to rule this out before you call someone in to look at the job only to find out that it’s not specific to your apartment or flat.

Source Online

Another great way to source a local electrician is to do an online search. You should be able to find qualified leads in your area that you can start calling to get quotes from.

Before you start making calls, do a bit of research regarding the electrician or the company that he or she works for or owns. Check out their websites, see if there are any online reviews, and trust your gut.  If they don’t have an up to date website, or it’s hard to find any information on them, it might be a sign that you need to keep looking.

Online Marketplaces

Finally, if searching the traditional way doesn’t seem like a walk in the park for you, utilising online marketplaces to source qualified professionals may be the best way to go and for a few different reasons. Marketplaces are great to use because they are free to the consumer and they essentially match the best professional available to do the job based on your criteria.

If you aren’t familiar with how it all works here is a quick synopsis.

You access the online marketplace, you search for what you are looking for in your local area, you specify details around the job, including budget, time frame, geographical area, and how urgent your need is and the professionals and companies contact you! This is a new and improved approach to searching online and having to do all the legwork yourself.

You can also select from the best bid for the job based on the criteria and requirements that you set up. You don’t have to feel like you are at the mercy of the company anymore!

Good Luck!

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