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Travel Accessories You Can’t Forget!

When it comes to travel there is always so much to pack and remember. Nine times out of ten I only travel with hand luggage so it’s a lot of cramming in and list making to ensure I’ve remembered all that I need to. It’s not the end of the world if you do forget something but I like to be super organised.

I’ve got a few items that I always pack with me, and some of them may not be what you think…

As The Money Shed stated on Twitter as soon as I asked what travel accessory you never leave at home, the first is my iPhone charger, but also along with that comes my camera charger and my Fitbit charger. If I forgot these it’d be quite costly to replace abroad and it may take some hunting to find too! I’m also going to include adaptors in with this as they’re needed to charge these items too.

As Beauty Queen UK pointed out, you need to pack a power bank too! I always pack one of these as I can’t be without my phone! I get lost all the time so Maps abroad for me is a must. My power bank is awesome, it can charge your phone seven times from one full charge, so it’s great for festivals too.

My next one may seem a little odd, but we do most of our travelling during winter months so these ensure I stay super warm… no it’s not a hat, scarf and gloves, although they are usually packed! It’s my cosy inner soles from Perfection Secrets that I swear by! They help to keep my feet extra toasty in my Dr. Martens! In Berlin, it was around one degree¬†and my feet were never cold. I didn’t even need to use my thermal socks I took!

Another odd one that I take with me is to help minimise packing space. My bras are big, they take up a lot of space so I hate packing loads of different ones for different outfits if we are dining out somewhere nice and I want to dress up so I pop a few Racer Back Clips into my makeup bag and it helps convert the straps on my comfy bras into something a little more practical.

My last one comes with approval from Retro Delicious and Shaz; headphones! I always listen to music on flights even if Mike and I are playing a game together I have music on in the background as I’m an awful flyer so it helps keeps me calm! I also find using my iPhone headphones stops my ears from popping… odd! On the subject of ears, Girl Vs Make Up says she always takes ear plugs… as does Mike!

A few others that popped up on Twitter that didn’t quite make my list was lip balm from Danielle, hand sanitizer from Amy, and an in-flight pillow from Elle.

What do you always travel with?

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