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Britons Throw Away 72 Items Of Clothing On Average Every Year: How To Cut Your Numbers Down


According to a recent study by British Wool, Britons throw away an average of 72 items of clothing per year,  which could have been repaired or taken to a charity shop. As a result, this can have a devasting impact on the environment, if we don’t take action to reduce our numbers. We can all do something to make a difference and keep our clothing out of landfills. If you’re surprised by this fact and want to alter your shopping habits, see our recommendations below.

We have prepared some of our top tips on cutting your numbers down and embracing sustainability every day.

Repair Old Clothing

Firstly, it’s important to learn how to take care of your clothes correctly and repair them, if needed. There are lots of ways to get creative and keep your clothes wearable for as long as possible, which will have a positive impact on the environment as opposed to buying new clothes every few months. It can be beneficial to learn how to: 

Initially, these tasks may appear intimidating, but once you master them, taking care of your clothes correctly becomes more manageable. 

Buy Quality Pieces 

Another great way to be more conscious and responsible about your fashion choices is to make an effort to choose quality brands and invest in staples. For example, if you are looking for the perfect suit, be sure to check out Suits Men, where you can find all types of men’s clothing, such as quality men’s suits for summer. These lightweight suits are the perfect choice for warmer days, as they are made from wool, which is a naturally breathable material. Moreover, you can wear them on all types of occasions, such as weddings or other events, for years to come.

Sell Unwanted Items

If there are clothes that no longer fit you or you don’t want to wear anymore for whatever reason, consider selling them to make some money and help the environment at the same time. There are lots of easy-to-use platforms and marketplaces, where you can market your clothes and connect with potential buyers. Make sure that the items that you want to sell are in good condition and remember to write a clear description of what they look like. Moreover, you may also want to buy second-hand and save some money on your next purchase.

Consider Renting Your Clothes

Renting clothes is a popular trend, that you may want to explore, as it will allow you to wear items from fashion brands for a monthly fee. It can help you reduce clothing waste over time and try new clothes and pieces. This way, you will also be able to add variety to your style and experiment with your outfits while saving money on luxury clothing as well. Using clothing rental services might be a better option in certain circumstances, like when searching for the ideal attire for a party or special occasion or looking to try a new trend.

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