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How to Break the Habit *

It’s almost that time of the year again, where people are giving up on new year’s resolutions and going back to their old ways.

2016 was the year where the health and wellbeing arena boomed, with millennials and older generations alike swapping Friday drinks for a quirky new gym class and Instagramming their green smoothie efforts as appose to their Bake-off creations,  Or trading in harmful cigarettes for vaping.  So how can we ensure that breaking our unhealthy habit goes beyond 2016 and continues will into 2017?  Ecigwizard is on hand to give their top 5 tips.

Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.

First things first, stop focusing on what you can’t do, and why you shouldn’t continue trying!  This is setting yourself a negative goal and the brains ‘habit learning’ system does not learn new things by ‘not doing’.  Instead, set an agenda of what you are going to do with short term objectives.  Rewarding these goals will encourage you to break the habit for good.

You’ve been fined!

Money is always a good motivator.  Why not adopt the ‘swear jar’ method and pay yourself or your friends every time you commit the habit? I’ve had family members quit smoking and been able to afford a new car! It all adds up.

Get Social

Social media is well and truly integrated within our society.  Take to your chosen social channel to declare the habit that you wish to break, this can be a simple Facebook status update or Tweet.  Nobody likes to admit defeat so it can work as a great motivator to stay on track.  Also, giving an update on your progress presents your following with the opportunity to offer words of encouragement.

Positivity is key

Sometimes, it is all about your mindset and you have to think positively when embarking on breaking a habit.  If you do cave, and end up giving in to your habit, do not dwell and punish yourself.  Instead, figure out what led to your breakdown and decide what you will do differently next time.  Most importantly of all, stay positive!

Join forces

Pair up with someone and break your habit together!  Both parties can hold each other accountable and you can celebrate your victories together.  Also, knowing that someone is relying on you is a powerful motivator! Maybe sign up to body transformation in London with a friend (or alone) to get working out too.

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    There are great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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