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Little Ways To Be More Eco Conscious *

*Collaborative Post.

More and more people are starting to think about ways to lead more eco conscious lives. As a result of climate change and various other environmental concerns that are seemingly getting worse, an increasing number of us are looking for ways that we can make a difference to our environmental impact. 

The concept of making changes is a great one but knowing how to go about doing so isn’t always as easy, is it? Especially if you’re someone who has a hectic life and has very little spare time to think about these things or put more time and effort into everyday tasks that you already are. 

The good news is that being eco conscious doesn’t have to mean making more effort or tasks taking more time, it’s simply a case of making small but mighty changes that have the potential to help support the global environment. 

Intrigued? Below is a guide to lots of little ways that you can be more eco conscious – read on for everything that you should know. 

Swap to reusable wherever possible 

One of the simplest ways to make changes to how earth conscious you are is to swap from buying and using single use products to opting for reusable ones to use at home

There are some absolutely amazing reusable products out there, from washable makeup remover pads and nappies for babies to reusable laundry eggs and cooking essentials – there are plenty of products available. 

The key is to pick products that you use day in, day out and make the switch to reusable alternatives. This kind of change will significantly reduce how much you’re wasting, which is a positive step for the environment. 

Utilise electric vehicles 

Another simple way that you can be more earth friendly is to swap from using petrol or diesel to using electric, wherever possible. 

This could mean that when you next buy a new vehicle you choose an electric one, such as looking at ebikes. Or, it could mean that whenever you travel you try to use electric vehicles while you’re away, from rental cars to rental bikes – and everything in between. 

Buy pre-loved 

Instead of choosing to buy new items, consider swapping to buying pre-loved items wherever possible. Whether you’re looking for a new washing machine or need some new clothes, there’s no shame in purchasing items second-hand. 

By choosing to buy items second-hand, you’re helping to significantly reduce waste and associated environmental damage. So, taking the time to shop second-hand, rather than buying everything brand new, is something that it’s definitely worth spending some time doing. 

There you have it, a guide to a few simple ways that you can begin to lead a more eco conscious life. 

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