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Lunching with Taste Inc. Chicken *

I often get stuck as to what to make myself for lunch as I tend to have very little motivation to create something fun the night before. It’ s not that I’m lazy, I’m just stuck in a bit of a food rut. I’m doing my best to shed some pounds before the marathon but find healthy eating so boring!

Then a nice little email dropped into my inbox asking if I wanted to try the 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets in Original and Spicy from Taste Inc. as part of my healthy eating. I was rather interested as this meant I didn’t have to marinade and cook chicken the night before, and I was growing to dislike the Tesco fillets as they were rather bland!

The 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillet is exactly what it says it is on the packet, a totally tasty, charcoal grilled 100% chicken mini fillet that leaves me full up without being full of additives. It comes in two great-tasting flavours, Original and Spicy, and is chargrilled over sustainably sourced charcoal. The Spicy was my favourite as it perked up my salads with its flavours.

The product is high in protein and low in saturated fat, salt, carbs and only 45 calories per portion, which makes it the perfect addition to a lunchtime dish without lots of faffing around. I’d pop over to Tesco, grab some of their salad bar, pop on a couple of Taset Inc. chicken fillets and lunch was done.  And it was super tasty to say the least.

The fillets are great valus from money;  90p for single packs and £3 for multipacks and launches into Morrisons, Ocado and Nisa. I shall be adding these to my weekly shop as I love an easy, guilt-free addition to my lunches to get me out of this rut!

What do you add to your salads?

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