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Dinner Time Story, Shoreditch *

If you are looking for an evening that is nothing like anything you’ve experienced in London before then you need to get booking the Dinner Time Story experience currently being hosted at TT Liquor on Kingsland Road.

Dinner Time Story is a two-hour dining experience based on the culinary exploits of “Le Petit Chef” who follows the route of Marco Polo throughout the evening. The restaurant uses cutting-edge 3D visual technology to bring the story to life. They then use a variety of flavours, ingredients, sights, sounds and tastes to really enhance the culinary trip you’re being taken on.

The show’s six-course menu takes you on a whirlwind journey across the regions visited by the legendary traveller, Marco Polo, on his famous silk route beginning in the home of Le Petit Chef lives.

Each stop around the world is paired with a cocktail or wine to compliment the meze style dishes. Not only was each dish we tried cooked to a really high standard, it was super fun to be transported to the places in between each course.

The mood of the room, the music that filled the air, the table patterns that flooded from the projectors above, the props that served up the dishes and the decoration of each dish all change as the pages turn to open up new chapters of the story to immerse you into the next country.

To add to the fun of the evening, throughout a few of the courses you were handed smaller books that were filled with notes, messages and drawings from previous diners. It helped the time pass between set up of each course and gave our table a good laugh. At the end of each course, you hand the notebook back and then receive another one for the next course. Just don’t forget your pen!

My favourite course was the stunning duck, rice and pak choi from China. The flavours were so intense and the amount of duck we were served would put your local Chinese restaurant to shame!

Some of the course are filled with surprises, such as the dessert course with added magic! That certainly added a buzz to the room and cameras appeared from all angles as the diners didn’t want to miss this photo opportunity.

We had such a great night and I’ve tried not to give away too much as it’s a something you need to smell, taste and take in the full experience yourself.

Tickets are £95 which does seem a little steep at first thought, but 5 drinks in any bar or restaurant could easily cost £45 so you’re then only paying £50 for a six-course taster meal with state of the art technology that gives you an experience you won’t forget in a hurry!

Thanks to Love Pop Up London for supplying my tickets.

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