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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Car for a Smooth Ride *

Car maintenance is not merely about making sure that your vehicle holds its value for when you come to sell it on. It should be done so that you are able to drive efficiently and provide your passengers with a smooth ride, as well. Not bothering with essential maintenance soon leaves your car feeling uncomfortable, especially when others are with you on a journey.

Check Your Brake Discs
Brake discs need to be changed once in a while. If you zoom off in traffic only to hit the brakes every time you near the car in front, then your brake discs soon become worn down. When they do so, you get into the habit of pushing on the brake pedal that bit harder, thus wearing them down further. Go lightly on your brakes and keep the discs in good working order for a less jerky ride.

Car Tyre Maintenance
Checking your tyres are street legal is important or you could face a fine. Look for tread wear and any bulges or cracks that might have appeared in the rubber. If your car  tyres are looking old, then replace them, or you may suffer a blowout which can be extremely uncomfortable for everyone in the car and even cause you to lose control. And if you need new car tyres in Dewsbury or nearby areas then must visit Ossett Tyre House, here you can book your car tyres online very easily with local fitting at your nearest garage.

Confirm Your Lights Are Working
You may think that electrics have little to do with the ride of a car and, technically speaking, they don’t. However, if your dipped headlamps are out and you only rely on your side lights to make your way, then it becomes harder to spot debris and other hazards on the road. As a result, you will need to brake heavily and swerve late to avoid them. A smoother ride is achieved by seeing problems early and adjusting for them well ahead of arriving at them. This means making sure your lights work properly.

Suspension and Shocks
The car’s suspension system is what has the most effect on the feel of a ride. Too soft and you can bounce around inside when heading over bumps. Too hard, such as in sports mode, and your passengers will feel every little pothole in the road. Make sure your suspension and shock absorbers are set to a happy medium.

Tracking and Steering
When a car’s steering is out of alignment, the two driving wheels are pulling in slightly different directions. This can make the car seem to shudder and is particularly noticeable at high speeds. If you bump up and down kerbs on your journeys then the tracking can become misaligned easily. Have it reset and the tyres should face parallel to one another whether you are driving in a straight line or cornering.

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  1. rachel frampton says:

    My sister would like to have her car’s engine checked since it’s already producing an awful smell, which is why she’s currently looking for auto service. Well, you made a pretty good point that she must regularly check her vehicle’s tires and replace those if necessary. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of observing its brakes’ current condition.

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