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What do the People of Essex Love when it comes to Window Styles? *

*This is a collaborative post.

Even though different people love different things, there are some styles that most people find attractive. These styles are most common in the real estate industry where you’ll find that a majority of people like certain living conditions and home decoration ideas. For instance, you’ll find most people in one location liking different window styles. Given the importance of windows to every home, it’s essential to choose the best style regardless of what’s trending in the real estate market. Window shutter blinds and plantation shutters are some of the common styles found in homes of Essex because of the living conditions of the region. Both blinds and shutters are a great addition to any home, but their main difference comes in how they are installed. While shutters are attached directly to the frame of the windows, blinds are usually installed on the inside.


With plantation shutters, there is more heat conservation making them perfect for colder seasons. You can also open and close sections of the windows separately, allowing you to control the amount of light or air you want to let in. Although blinds can also be adjusted to control the amount of light in a room, they are deficient when it comes to ventilation control. The regular ones are also poor at heat control. However, you can buy the ones designed for insulation, but they will cost you extra.


Shutters tend to be more secure than blinds, but they come at a higher price. The fact that they don’t need chains or cords to operate makes them more child-friendly. Window shutter blinds tend to be cheaper, but they are not as secure as the shutters. Plantation shutters are also stronger and more durable than blinds. Window shutter blinds are more prone to damage from natural factors like UV rays and moisture.


Both shutters and blinds can be made from different materials in different styles, but shutters offer more versatility. Customization of these materials is also easier on shutters than blinds. All you have to do is paint them in a color that blends with your interior designs.


Both window shutter blinds and shutters are visually pleasant. However, shutters are better because they can be modified to fit any shape. This makes them great for unusually shaped windows like the oval ones. The fact that they have to be fitted on the frame instead of the recess means they are more space consuming. Blinds don’t require as much space, but they still have to be maintained regularly. They are more fragile and will have to be cleaned more frequently. Some of the factors you can consider when choosing a suitable one for your lifestyle include:

The size and shape of your window: blinds are better for large windows, while plantation shutters are better for smaller, odd-shaped or arched windows.The amount you want to spend: shutters are more expensive than window shutter blinds because of their high quality and customization options.

Flexibility: the level of privacy you want and the ability to control the flow of air and light into the room matter. Plantation shutters offer more flexibility on all those factors and are also more durable and easy to change to fit your specifications than window shutter blinds.

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